seeing all 50 states

When Seeing All 50 States Sounded Out of Reach

I remember a time when I had been to just a handful of states…. growing up in Memphis, it was easy to get to Mississippi and Arkansas for weekend camping trips or something. And we did a big trip to Miami as a kid so we checked off several more with great gusto. Seeing all […]

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How did you work before e-mail? The Pre-Internet Office

The question in the title of this post — How did you work before email? — is something that I was asked a few months ago. And the person asking it was genuinely confused by how communications work was done without email and all the digital tools we use on a daily basis. The honest […]

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Memories of Antalya, Turkey Thanks to the G-20

This week as Paris has been on the minds of so many, I have to admit my mind kept shifting to a city many miles away. It was referenced routinely as world leaders would be gathering for the G-20 summit. The city is Antalya, Turkey. The fact that the attacks in Paris happened to be […]

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A Tour or Two… Maybe Half a Dozen Tours of Graceland

Growing up in Memphis, there are always Elvis stories going around. The stores and movie theaters he’d patronize, the fact that he gave some stranger a care, etc. My mom and uncle were at Humes High School at the same time Elvis was. And my favorite pizzeria had paintings of him all over. I never […]

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tri-chem design on fabric

Decorating Laundry Bags & Pillowcases With Tri-Chem

One of the clearest memories from childhood was having lots of things to do creatively. And while there were various handicrafts at different times, one that we frequently had on-going was painting on fabric. It was something called Tri-Chem (I am shocked to find out the company appears to still be around!). We would work on […]

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Checking Out Seattle with My Niece

Georgia was the first niece to turn 16, so she was the first to take her 16th birthday trip with me. It has been a long time ago…. both of us are a lot older! At 16, able to choose where we go for a full week and what we do… that was a big responsibility. […]

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great wall of china

My Visit to the Great Wall of China

This time of year as fall leaves crunch under our feet and we have cool mornings and warm afternoons, I’m reminded of a short visit I made to China and the tiny bit of nature I caught when a friend and I left the city to see the Great Wall of China. The landmark is […]

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old car AM radio

Country Music on an AM Radio

Earlier this week I mentioned that my dad got a Nash Rambler when I was in junior high school, well throughout my life, dad listened to country music on AM radio. While I always liked folk, bluegrass and Americana, old school country like my dad liked… that wasn’t anything teenagers listened to in my world. […]

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Georgia & me

That Time I Got Called a PANK

This memory isn’t from too long ago, but it is really memorable and it is connected to a memory from a long time ago…. I have shifted back and forth on whether to do this chronologically or based on the title. I think I’m going with the calendar. You’ll find out why I’d be called […]

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Puka Shell Necklaces and a Trip to Puka Beach

Growing up in the 70s-80s, puka shell necklaces were all the rage. There were shows that made all of us think about the islands — the original Hawaii Five 0 was on and Magnum P.I. cranked it up in pop culture circles. I can remember it so clearly, in part, because the necklaces always seemed […]

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Is He Driving the Old Nash Rambler? Really?

I like to think that all children go through the time when they are embarrassed by their parents. Or they want distance that doesn’t jive with a parent’s thoughts. It isn’t necessarily anything that would make me proud, but I can admit I went there. And I have one crystal clear memory of this…. yes, […]

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Taj Mahal

Different Scales of India’s Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal. Just the words create a sense of wonder for most of us. Having gone to the Taj several years ago, I was in awe of the size but I have to say it is the intricacy in that powerful structure that continues to impress. Here’s a quick flip-through Taj Mahal photos below. […]

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Third Row from the Back on the Left Where Dentyne is Found

When I said a week ago that I’d do a series of posts about my memories and stories, I asked if people had something they thought needed to be shared. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but up came a nudge from my cousin Lisa. Growing up, Lisa was my closest cousin even though at […]

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