Texas farmers Royce & Kaitlyn O'Neal

Oh, Oh, Oh…. Farms that Start with the Letter O (Farm A to Z)

The farmers featured today… I interact with all of them frequently online. They are involved in their communities and busy with family. They have such a clear passion for raising the food that ends up in restaurants and grocery stores. And they all have last names that start with the letter “O” for my farm […]

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Amy Robinette NC Meat Mom

NC Meat Mom Delivers Grass-Fed Beef

Amy H. Robinette is the owner of Micro Summit Processors and co-owner of Harris-Robinette Beef, and is known online as NC Meat Mom. Her family farm and meat processing company are east of Raleigh in Micro, NC. I was recently in her neighborhood without realizing how close I was and I’m still bummed we didn’t have a […]

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some of the Patsche family

Mmmmmm Good Farm Blogs in Michigan & Minnesota

The letter of the day is M and that gives us two great farm blogs — Messy Kennedy and Minnesota Farm Living. What makes a great farm blog? Farmers who are not only raising food & fiber for people in their communities, but they take the time to share it online! Messy Kennedy Messy Kennedy is […]

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Lodestar Olive Oil

Love the Family Connections Shown in these L Farms (Farm A to Z)

Love the family connections that we see through the farms highlighted with the Lodestar Farms Several years ago as I did my Oregon-California roadtrip, I had the chance to spend Thanksgiving day learning a bit about growing olives. I have previously shared some of the things I learned in my A to Z in agriculture […]

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Jessie & Jake Wyrill

Meet Young Farmers Jake and Jessie Wyrill (Farm A to Z)

Jake and Jessie Wyrill joined Jake’s family farming in Kirwin, Kansas as they graduated from Kansas State and got married. The family grows corn, grain sorghum/milo, soybean, wheat, and alfalfa. We also raise Black Angus and Hereford cattle. What’s one thing that makes your farm unique? We are blessed to have the opportunity to farm with […]

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Johannes and Julaine Treur of Creekside Dairy - Copy

In Udder News Provides Creekside Dairy Views (Farm A to Z)

There aren’t many farms in my world that start with the letter I… maybe that is cause farmers tend to work with family members and others in their community and while it frequently involves independence, few farms would use words like that even in a blog. But “In Udder News” is the kind of play […]

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the Lukens family of Griggs Dakota

Lots of Prairie Thoughts with the Farms Featured for the Letter G (Farm A to Z)

Today we have two prairie-related farms to talk about… So let’s get right to it! Grand Prairie Farms I didn’t know that Grand Prairie Farms was the name of Katie Pratt’s family farm! How had I missed that? I know her through her blog Rural Route 2: Life & Times of an Illinois Farm Girl and some […]

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Enchanted Acres Shannon Latham

Fairytale Beginnings, Farm Barbie, Feedyard Foodie… Yes, We are Talking Farms! (Farm A to Z)

I’m not sure that we could find two more complimentary farm blogs to feature in a day…. Fairytale Beginnings & Farm Barbie? That doesn’t exactly sound like part of a farm series…. Feedyard Foodie puts two things together that don’t seem exactly to go together, but they do! Remember not all farms are the same! […]

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Darden Country Store

Big & Small… Daddy’s Tractor, Darden Farms & Douglas Falls Creamery (Farm A to Z)

Today you will get to meet a farm family here in my adopted home state that is really big on conservation as they grow corn, soybeans and wheat. A a farm in northeastern Washington that does things on a small scale. And one in Virginia that does some things like cotton on a big scale and […]

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Get to Know Cristen Clark, Cooped Up Creativity & Chris Chinn (Farm A to Z)

 Another day of great women on the farm! I love it! The letter C gets us to Iowa, Wisconsin and my adopted home state of Missouri. I think you’ll enjoy getting to know all of these girls! Cristen Clark Cristen Clark and her family farm in Runnells, Iowa where they raise corn, soybeans, pork and […]

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Burgess Hill Farms

Get to Know About Burgess Hill, the Boersmas & Bowers Farms (Farm A to Z)

There are a few farms that I want to draw your attention to that start with the letter B, including a couple of farms you may have seen on the blog before. Love that this day has such diversity! Burgess Hill Farms Geoff and Jenny Burgess operate Burgess Hill Farms in Sterling, Kansas along with […]

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Peterson Farms Finn & Luke

Meeting A Kansas Farm Mom & An Accidental Farm Wife (Farm A to Z)

I have two great women to feature today for the start of my A to Z Challenge! A Kansas Farm Mom Nicole Small, aka A Kansas Farm Mom, is a farmer I met thanks to social media and if I remember it right, I first met her in person in Hutchison, Kansas cause she’s from […]

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Helms Farms

Challenging Myself Again! Farms, Farmers & Farm Blogs From A to Z

The A to Z challenge is something I have enjoyed participating in previously. The challenge gets you to write a post for each letter of the alphabet in the month of April with just Sundays to rest. It is a challenge I have tried and though I have completed the alphabet on two different occasions, […]

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