A to Z on Agriculture — Blog Post Series on Farm Related Topics

The month of April 2013 I did a blogging challenge called A to Z where bloggers are challenged to take each letter of the alphabet and write a post about it each day taking off Sundays to rest. My agriculture A to Z was ambitious and exhausting but I’m really proud of it! This is a look at the posts I wrote during the month with links out so you can learn more on the topics you are most interested in.

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A to Z of Agriculture

A is for Agriculture — an Agriculture A to Z Series

A month or so ago, I saw something about the A to Z Challenge and decide to learn more. It is a challenge where you sign up to write 26 posts in the month of April. You get Sunday’s off but otherwise everyday is a letter of the alphabet starting today Monday, April 1 with […] Continue Reading

Norman Borlaug photo

B is for Borlaug — an A to Z Series about Agriculture

Wow. I’m already having a really tough time picking out which word to go with even though I limited myself to agricultural words. The leading candidates for today were: Bales! I have to love that Eileen Crosby went for the sentimental favorite highlighting my love of cotton & the way it is packaged for transportation […] Continue Reading

C is for Cotton — an A to Z Series about Agriculture

I have to do it. Sure, there were lots of suggestions for C words that are important parts of agriculture and in fact, Kim Parsell gave me a whole list! KentFarms _LA lobbied for cattle (Angus cattle to be clear) and several people echoed that cows would be a perfect choice and others suggested corn. […] Continue Reading

farm land with a barn

D is for Debt (Farm Debt) — an A to Z Series about Agriculture

When it comes down to the letters I’m using, I have to admit that I’m going with my gut on a day-to-day basis. The letter for today was one that I thought I had settled. I had in mind ditches. I know, it’s not a glamorous word but having lived in areas that are rain-fed […] Continue Reading

Enid, OK grain elevator

E is for Elevator — an A to Z Series about Agriculture

It wasn’t too long ago that I was talking with someone and they started describing something they saw and didn’t know the right words to use. They wanted me to understand, but it was sort of like they were speaking a different language. They were talking about a town I hadn’t been too but they […] Continue Reading

What do farmers look like?

F is for Farmer! — An A to Z Challenge in Agriculture

The number of words that come to mind for the letter F was astonishing. Food, feed, fiber, farms, FFA, and I had suggestions like floriculture from Thomas Marten (and I do love flowers) and Kim Parsell gave me lots of ideas – farm, fig, fence, fertilizer, feed, flax and fungicide. All of those are great words […] Continue Reading

GMO sweet corn

G is for GMOs — What are GMOs & Why Do Farmers Plant GMO Crops?

I wasn’t sure I would want to tackle GMOs with a post, but another blogger who’s doing the A to Z Challenge (Sydney Katt of authorSydneyKatt.com) said she didn’t know much about agriculture and would appreciate knowing more. The comment reads: So I’ll provide my thoughts on GMOs (and a reminder that I write content […] Continue Reading

round bales of hay

H is for Hay — An A to Z about Agriculture

A few people suggested I write about hay today, including my dear friend Mona who left the most encouraging comment on the post for G is for GMO. The reason it means so much is for Mona and I, it took a little time for us to find common ground. We could have easily decided […] Continue Reading

flood irrigation

I is for Irrigation — Water Use & Conservation on the Farm

Irrigation is one of those crop practices that was really near and dear to people’s hearts last year since so much of the U.S. had a drought last year. I know here in St. Louis we all longed for rain and in the meantime, I was glad I had a timer on my soaker hose […] Continue Reading

Child on a fire engine

J is for Juggling — Juggling Roles is Really Common in Rural Areas & Small Towns

Today’s blog post is an easy one for me because Oregon nut and grass farmer Brenda Kirsh was nice enough to get me underway. Wednesday morning, Brenda posted this comment to my post on irrigation: J…for juggling? Farmers many times beyond having their job of growing food and fiber, also volunteer as firefighters/EMTs, school board […] Continue Reading

fresh greens for sale at the farmer's market

K is for Kale — Kale is a Winter Crop & a Power Food

Early on I thought of two words that I may want to write about in my K post. They were VERY DIFFERENT words. One was of course kale (bet you could guess that since I’m writing about that) and the other was just K — that’s the abbreviation for potassium and potash is really important […] Continue Reading

loam soils

L is for Loam, Love Great Loam Soils

I can remember a time when I thought of dirt as something that only seemed to change about it was the color. I had noticed it when my family took vacations and even in looking at the soils in my grandparent’s yard since grandmom was an avid composter. But when I moved from Memphis to […] Continue Reading

cattle grazing on the prairie

M is for Moo! Why do cows moo? My A to Z Challenge on Agriculture

I’ve had lots of cow-related suggestions for the A to Z series — so many that I think some friends may do a whole cattle series next year! Just think, there is alfalfa, beef, cheese, dairy, etc. but I decided to go for a simple word on cows and its probably the first thing I […] Continue Reading

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N is for Nutrients — Nutrients Are So Critical in Agriculture

N is for Nutrients. That one has been in my mind for the whole time and nothing has shaken it. I guess some people may be thinking I could have made this a post about N is for nitrogen and had something similar, but I whole-heartedly disagree. And while no-till is a compelling term — […] Continue Reading

California olive farmer Irv Leen

O is for Olive — Insight on California Olive Production VIDEO

Last fall I had the chance to learn a lot about olive production in northern California thanks to farmer Irv Leen of Gold Rush Farms. Although I had seen quite a few olive trees while traveling in Turkey and Israel, visiting Irv’s was the first time for me to be able to visit with an […] Continue Reading

northeastern Kansas prairie

P is for Prairie & Growing Pinto Beans on the North Dakota Prairie

Since I was traveling again this week, I got behind again…. so I am going to catch up somewhat quickly. P is for prairie today, because I was traveling through a bit of prairie over the last few days. A lot of us have heard of prairies and may even get a photo in mind. We […]Continue Reading

scanning a barcode for cotton sample

Fiber Quality Testing on Every Bale of US Cotton VIDEO

When I was thinking about doing this, it was letters like Q, X and Z that made me wonder if I could really do it. The video I shot as I showed a friend around Memphis came to mind quickly. Although Steve had worked in cotton for years off and on, seeing how cotton was […] Continue Reading

farm magazines & books

R is for Reading — Must Reads for the Farm, Agricultural Magazines & Books

I know this is not expected and I had several other words that I was going to use, but then I went to Amazon and realized that every one the suggestions for me was an agriculture-related book or movie. Growing up city, I had no clue about how much studying there was to do and how […] Continue Reading

tractor getting ready to plant

S is for Seed — It All Starts with a Seed

My part of agriculture is crops even if I’ve been learning more about livestock in the past few years. And crops tend to start with the seed (I say tend because there are a few like olives that work off cuttings). Seed is probably the most critical decision a farmer or gardener makes in a […] Continue Reading

farm ready for planting

T is for Tillage — Understanding “When tillage begins, other arts will follow.”

Tillage is something that while it may not be well-understood by everyone, it has a romantic quality. We’ve seen some of the earliest photos taken in the United States were of people behind a mule and plow, parting the ground, turning it over in an effort to make the ground conducive to growing plants. That image […] Continue Reading 
Urban Harvest STL roof top farm

U is for Urban Agriculture — Growing More Food in the City

Urban agriculture. I can’t imagine many people used that phrase 20 years ago but it is certainly a phrase that is growing in prominence. And I think its awesome! The more ways we connect ourselves to the production of food — both in the city and the countryside — the more we will appreciate the […] Continue Reading


V is for Viticulture — Cultivating Grapes for Wine Making

Viticulture is another one of the words that I think may not be familiar to everyone but if you drink wine, you should be really happy that viticulture exists because in a nutshell viticulture is “the cultivation or culture of grapes especially for wine making.” I have to say when I think of viticulture, my […] Continue Reading

the kitchen at Pastaria

W is for Wheat — Semolina Can Get Chefs Talking Wheat

As my friend Julie and I ate at Pastaria on Thursday night, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Chef Gerard Craft. I had to say hello to him as I had hoped to meet him last fall when a group of friends went to his other restaurant Niche one night. It is […]

tree growth rings are evidence of plant vascular systems

X is for Xylem — Plants have vascular systems? And with xylem in them?

When I started this, the fascination was about how I could find an X-word for my A to Z on agriculture. I took time and searched around a bit and the appendix of my trusty Cotton Physiology Handbook showed me this wouldn’t be too hard. But I have to admit, I don’t use xylem in […] Continue Reading

Ham Farms sweet potatoes

Y is for Yams or Are They Sweet Potatoes? What’s the Difference Anyway?

I met Will Kornegay through social media and love that he offered to help me with my “S” post. See, Will grows sweet potatoes and was willing to help me out. But I have worked in the seed business for 15 years and really felt that I had to say S is for Seed. BUT […] Continue Reading

Deer disease issue

Z is for Zoonoses — Zoonoses Isn’t Something Farmers Can Laugh About

The word zoonoses…. seeing that on my screen makes me wonder how many of us giggle at the idea of zoo noses. You know, like an elephant’s trunk or the orangutan’s smooshed up nose? But zoonoses doesn’t have a space and it is a really serious topic for livestock farmers and ranchers. The World Health […] Continue Reading
A to Z Agriculture blogging challenge

Lessons Learned Through My Blogging Challenge, an A to Z on Agriculture

I have done a few different blogging and social media challenges in the past couple of years, but have to say the A to Z Challenge may have been the toughest! And even though someone has suggested that I should start again with AA and BB, I’m taking a break from the series — at […] Continue Reading


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