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I'm Janice & this blog is about my passions -- photography, travel, agriculture & whatever else comes to mind. Putting all those things together is intriguing to me…. I can spend a lot of time soaking it up! It's almost always a colorful adventure!

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Soil conservation winner on the farm & in 4H!

Soil conservation winner on the farm & in 4H!

I continue to be amazed at the impact some time on a farm can do — for kids AND grownups!  Tonight a friend I grew up spending parts of my summers with left me another point of evidence to this fact.  She simply said “I thought of you today, when my son, David, won First […]

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SM Ag Revolution…

We all studied the industrial revolution that increased the way we could mass produce things in demand.  And most of us in mainstream agriculture have participated in the biotech revolution. This morning as I was casting my vote for Michele Payn-Knoper for twitter user of the year… the phrase, social media ag revolution came to […]

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Cotton Pickin’ Halloween

Nothing like getting out in the field with a kid — whether they are from the city or farm.  You suddenly realize how cool it is to know even the slightest things about farming.  And luckily my nieces & nephews have always been up for a stop along the road and some ag education. Yesterday […]

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Don’t worry about missing #openwebaward tweets

Some of us have noticed that the tweets recognizing our votes don’t always show up. Thanks to Darin Grimm for doing a bit of looking into it.  His finding? The results should be logging as long as you get the thank you screen on the mashable site.  Don’t worry about the tweet — you can […]

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Cemeteries along the way…

I’ve been thinking about the things I’ve seen in various places I’ve traveled and for some reason, it occurred to me that I’ve seen how various cultures recognize the dead with cemeteries.  Thought of it sometime ago but figured that was a good way to get the mind going around Halloween and All Saints Day. […]

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Peanut digging & thinking (with a bit of singing)

One of my tweeps — Gene Roney –posted this video today (I have no idea why the embed code didn’t work but I have decided to link & hope you come back)… it prompted me to reminisce about my days in Tifton and further south talking with farmers about all the things they do to protect […]

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Tweet transcript from #foodchat 10-20-2009

Wow.  Twitter chat sessions are always fever pitched, but I have a new found respect for folks who host them!  Shaun Haney & I sat in on responsibilities for #foodchat last night.  Michele Payn-Knoper does so many of these and handles the stress so well week after week… Okay, when technology melts down she may […]

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Common Sense Agriculture: Harris Ranch vs. Cal Poly - The Rest of the Story

Common Sense Agriculture: Harris Ranch vs. Cal Poly – The Rest of the Story

Jeff Fowle is a farmer rancher I’ve gotten to know over twitter.  Today, he posted a blog entry about the recent events involving Michael Pollan, Cal Poly and Harris Ranch.  It is one of the first in-depth first-hand accounts I’ve had the chance to read (though I’ve appreciated that several alumni, students, etc have briefly […]

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