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Deer disease issue

Z is for Zoonoses — Zoonoses Isn’t Something Farmers Can Laugh About

The word zoonoses…. seeing that on my screen makes me wonder how many of us giggle at the idea of zoo noses. You know, like an elephant’s trunk or the orangutan’s smooshed up nose? But zoonoses doesn’t have a space and it is a really serious topic for livestock farmers and ranchers. The World Health […]

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California dairy farmer Dino Giacomazzi

Video of Giacomazzi Dairy Farm Inspires a Visit Even If Delayed

A few years ago I saw this video online. Watch it and see if it seems as memorable for you as it has been for me. I remember thinking it was amazingly good and I was a bit blown away by the fact I regularly talked to the dairy farmer — ie Dino Giacomazzi — […]

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Troy & Stacy Hadrick

Weaning Calves on the Hadricks’ South Dakota Ranch VIDEO

I’ve been wondering how I would find a way to get to Troy & Stacy Hadrick’s place on the prairie for years. I met Troy on Twitter forever ago and started catching him as a variety of meetings here & there almost three years ago. Hearing his stories and meeting Stacy a bit later, I […]

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calves headed toward the chute

City Slicker Working Cows? A Dakota Vacation Experience

During my Dakota vacation, I had lots of unique experiences for a Memphis girl. The most unusual ones though were everyday life to some of the friends I was visiting. That was certainly the case on my last day in the Monango, ND area where Val & Mark Wagner live! On Monday night as we enjoyed […]

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pig barns from down hill

My First Visit to a Pig Farm – Did it Smell Bad?

For Earth Day weekend, I had the amazing chance to visit my friend Chris Chinn and her family on their pig farm in northcentral Missouri. Chris & I got to know each other through social media. We had probably talked for a year before we met in person. And ever since we met, I’ve told […]

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More Fun Spending Time with Cowboys & Cowgirls at NCBA

A bunch of photos from Friday’s tweetup and various other things that happened at the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and Cattle Industry Conference. Lots of good times here for certain! Hate that I had to leave before the big show tonight at the Grand Ole Opry. Its not the same seeing the photos fill my […]

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Meeting the Tweeps at the Cattlemen’s Conference #CIC12 #NCBA12

We had so much fun meeting each other that I think I’ve used almost all my words. We’ll let the slideshow do the Wordless Wednesday talking for me even if it just became Thursday here.  

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VIDEO: CNN Headline News Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell Discusses Factory Farms, Here are Real Farms

VIDEO: CNN Headline News Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell Discusses Factory Farms, Here are Real Farms

Tonight, after I drove through freezing rain to get home, I just settled in on the sofa to relax before eating dinner. The fact that people who work with livestock on America’s family farms were getting a chance to speak to animal abuse and undercover videos. Kay Johnson Smith of the Animal Ag Alliance was […]

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