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X Marks the Spot… The Spot for The X-Farms (Farms A to Z)

I tried all kinds of things to find a farm that started with an X. I searched through the total list of farm blogs for ideas. I posted in various Facebook groups where the farmers I know get together. So I guess X marks the spot of desperation! The spot that is being left blank. I’ll […]

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walker farms planting corn

Teaching the Next Generation on Walker & Wilson Farms (Farm A to Z)

I love thinking about kids and farms… and today’s post talks about some of the things two farms are doing to cultivate the future alongside the crops they cultivate. Bob Walker / Walker Farms The farm outside of Memphis that is a homebase of sorts for me, it is Bob Walker’s farm! His wife Marjory […]

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Val and Audrey on the farm

How Many Farmers Named Val Do You Know? (Farms A to Z)

When one of my farmer friends named Val asked me whether I wanted her to be listed by her blog or whether I wanted the Vals to be listed together, I knew what I had to do. Yep, I needed the letter V to be about two farmers named Val! These two women raise kids, drive […]

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The Udder Side

Taking a Walk on The Udder Side (Farms A to Z)

The Udder Side has been one of my favorite farm blogs since I stumbled onto it years ago. I know, there are so many awesome blogs… how could I possibly have favorites? Well, The Udder Side is a little warped and that is definitely something I enjoy. I mean what other farm blog is actually […]

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Vineyard in Fall -- The Farmed Life

Passion is Clear with The Deere Milkmaid & The Farmed Life (Farms A to Z)

You may want to refresh that cup of coffee before you sit down to read today’s post for the letter T in the farms A to Z cause today there is a lot to take in. Part of it seems to be a true excitement to share what’s happening with farms in the northeast. Jenni Tilton-Flood […]

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Brian Scott of Scott Farms

Stauffer Dairy, Scott Farms & SlowMoneyFarm Show Range of Farms (Farm A to Z)

Love it when I get to these letters where I have several awesome farms to celebrate on the given day! That’s the case with the letter S in the farm a to z so I won’t waste time getting started! Stauffer Dairy Brandon & Krista Stauffer run Stauffer Dairy in Eastern Washington. Milk from the Stauffer’s farm […]

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Ray-Lin Dairy

Things You Should Know About Ranching in Montana & Ray-Lin Dairy (Farm A to Z)

The letter R brings us to two dear friends who have really helped me learn a lot about agriculture in the past few years. Such an honor to have them on the blog for this farm a to z. Ryan Goodman / Ranching in Montana The words “ranching in Montana” have a mystique to them […]

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Quiet Owl Farm

Getting to Know Quiet Owl Farm (Farm A to Z)

Several months ago, Rosie from Quiet Owl Farm stopped by my blog and asked if I’d mind adding her to the list of farm blogs I have here. It took me a bit to get around to updating it, but since there, I have enjoyed checking out her story of building toward a farm in Hillsboro, […]

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