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aerial cotton photo

Love These Aerial Cotton Photos of Tennessee’s Walker Farms

This time of year, cotton plants start holding a special kind of allure…. there are lots of beautiful blooms and farmers are getting a good feel for what harvest will bring! And aerial cotton photos especially grab my imagination! My dear friend Marjory and her colleague Lance couldn’t stay in the office any more and […]

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New Mexico 2016 cotton crop

The 2016 Cotton Crop: A Photo Tour of Several States

Last week I took several vacation days and while I found lots of time to see some brand new sights in New Mexico that left me at a loss for words, I also saw something so familiar…. something I hadn’t really see much of. I saw a few fields of cotton. With my schedule this […]

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cotton bolls big & small

Cotton Bolls — What makes this one so small?

Not sure how I lost track of this post about two cotton bolls. I started writing it in the fall when my friend Robyn of Robyn’s World first flagged me about a tweet she saw from Tara Ziegmont of Feels Like Home blog. Seems Tara had a small cotton boll from a plant her family […]

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Top 10 Cotton Blog Posts of 2015

December always brings a lot of reflection about the year and this year has definitely followed that trend. Maybe even moreso since I had a big birthday and celebrated a month of memories. Here on the blog, I have a tradition of looking back at the past year — some of the things that readers […]

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Looking for Builders instead of Demolition Teams 

Communities of builders. They are everywhere. People who are looking to make themselves, their families and their communities better. People who put out a hand or knee to help others climb up whether that means pulling someone’s weight or providing a platform for others to grow from. I have been lucky to have lots of […]

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How Lee Jeans Won My Heart & Hips

I have always had a passion for denim. I can still remember my first pair of Toughskins — they were green with those reinforced knees. I wanted to wear them a lot more often than the hand-me-downs I would get from my sister. Through the junior high and high school years, jeans played a big […]

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cotton picker on the farm

How has cotton been genetically modified?

Recently I saw one of those questions pop up on Quora that made me stop in my tracks as I thought about the various things I had learned from cotton breeders and other experts over the years. The question “How has cotton been genetically modified?” already had two short answers but I knew I would go […]

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cotton breeder checking emergence

Cotton 101: What is cotton variety improvement?

When you look at cotton overall, the crop can be improved in a variety of ways. For some, adding irrigation to their crop production would be an improvement while others may find that being able to move from hand labor to mechanical labor is an improvement. Another way to improve cotton production is to look […]

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