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cheese tasting

What’s your favorite cheese? & Some of My Cheese-Related Travel

My Recent Cheesy Travel Did you know it I haven’t gotten as many of the new food polls up as I had hoped, but I have lots of ideas so I will be continuing it just may not be quite weekly. Since June is National Dairy Month, I thought I’d go with the theme and poll […]

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Granny Smith Apple by Mr. Noded from Flickr

Reviving My Series of Food Polls With Apples! Which is your favorite?

A few years ago (2010 to be  exact) the great butter and lard debate launched a fun series of food polls for my blog over the summer. Each weekend I would do a food poll. The poll could be on almost any kind of food — we talked ice cream, favorite Chicago foods, celebrating by […]

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Food Poll: Favorite Snowday Foods

With the amount of time so many of us have spent inside this week, we’ve all probably eaten our favorite foods. There are some things that I think I simply must have when it snows and am willing to bet there are differences. So what are your favorite snowday foods? What snacks are must haves […]

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Best Chicago Area Food Poll

Best Chicago Area Food Poll

This week’s food poll may be the last as we are bringing the summer to an end. I’m still thinking through my next steps and thought maybe this should go the route of the way I’m ending summer — with a trip to Chicago, a city well known for food and eating! I had a […]

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Where do you get your food?

Where do you get your food?

The discussion we have so frequently about where our food comes from… I know you know your food comes from farms and ranches, but I’m wondering what’s the last touch point before it gets to you. So this poll is a bit easier than most…. and you can select more than one answer! But to […]

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Poll on Favorite Pizza Toppings

Poll on Favorite Pizza Toppings

Having lived in New York a few years and traveled to Italy a few times, I like to think of myself as a bit of a pizza connoisseur. Okay, that may be stretching it a tiny bit. But I do love pizza. I love thick crust and thin crust. I love marinara or white. Vegetarian or […]

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Carnivore? Omnivore? Herbivore? A Food Poll of a Different Sort

The idea for this poll came to me because of a rather poignant comment by a reader. The comment, like so many other things I’ve read and heard in the past year, gave me reason to pause and consider things a bit differently. I have always loved meat. And while I’ve pointed out my granddad […]

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State and County Fairs (& Food We Love at Them!)

State and County Fairs (& Food We Love at Them!)

The state fair, a local county fair…. it’s amazing to me how different the pictures in my mind are now from what they used to be. I grew up a city girl and although I do remember where the livestock area was at my local fair (the Mid-South Fair which has moved locations recently), I […]

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