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#FCOW aka Food Check Out Week? What's that?

#FCOW aka Food Check Out Week? What’s that?

Some of you may have missed the tweets and Facebook posts over the last several days, but I noticed lots of friends mentioning Food Check Out Week or tagging things with #FCOW.  I wasn’t really sure what it was so I was interested when my friend Cyndie posted the proclamation by Secretary of Agriculture Tom […]

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"Friendly" Competition that Yields Results for the Community

“Friendly” Competition that Yields Results for the Community

After talking to Ray Prock and Jeff Fowle for months through twitter, I finally met the dairyman and rancher in January and it surprised all of us as we seemed to be dear friends for years.  The two of them put such incredible time and thought into growing their communities on twitter still that it leaves me in awe.  But […]

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Top 10 Reasons to Watch This Video of Bboy Climbing a Coconut Tree

Top 10 Reasons to Watch This Video of Bboy Climbing a Coconut Tree

Okay, I could just say everyone should watch this video!  And yes, the photo I put in here shows Bboy having cut a coconut and beginning his one-handed descent!  Unbelievable.  Really.  But for fun, you really need to watch this video if you see yourself in any of the following: You’ve ever wondered how interesting […]

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Sorry, This Will Likely Make You Jealous If You Aren’t at #AFBF10

This is going to be a really crummy video but hey, I’m having too much fun to sit here and write much! I got to Seattle yesterday and after a little sightseeing & recharge time on the heels of the Beltwide, I have hit the ground at the American Farm Bureau Federation’s annual convention! I […]

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The 2009 Blizzard Through the Tweets of Two Farmers

The 2009 Blizzard Through the Tweets of Two Farmers

As the calendar clicked over to Christmas, I posted a blog entry on some of my thoughts about staying home for the holiday.  Staying home was like a dream because I travel a lot and while I LOVE travel, the change of pace sounded like a fantastic idea.  I took time to point out that […]

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Staying Home for the Holidays

Staying Home for the Holidays

I’m lucky enough to have multiple choice at the holidays usually.  The benefit of being single.  All the moms & kids seem to be driver.  I’m usually with family in one place or another although I sometimes also squeeze in vacation fun.  This year the decision was to stay put.  I love traveling to see […]

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Speechless or Ready to Rant? I Chose The Middle Ground

I started tapping this blog entry as we reached our cruising altitude on a flight home. It’s been a long weekend with a lot going on work-wise.  Good stuff for the cotton business, but there seemed to be more than a few things making me feel a bit off my pace.  I know it won’t […]

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My mom & brother headed to his big red barn to check on the chickens & goats.

A New Thanksgiving Tradition in the Making? #Thankafarmer

Thanksgiving has always been an incredible part of my life.  I’ve celebrated the holidays many years with vast number of family and other years I’ve been in faraway places like India or Italy where friends have attempted to make me feel at home, particularly for that meal. This year, we will likely have 60-65 people […]

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