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Ugly Vines Bringing Beauty to My Yard, An Ode to Milkweed

Have you ever had vines that get started and just can’t stop? They go places you don’t want them to be and claim things you want left alone. Every summer, the vines in my yard get a bit bolder. Every year I think about what to do about it…. I could rip them up and […]

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Climate Change & The Video that has Me Thinking About It

Weeks ago I saw a promo for Showtime’s new “Years of Living Dangerously” and knew I had to watch it. Then last week I went through the DVR menu to find the show and be sure the series was set. Then Sunday night I was glued to the TV as the show aired, featuring three […]

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flock of birds dancing

Birds Dance to Celebrate Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day. This year’s Thanksgiving was spent doing something I hadn’t done before and yet. I had the chance to understand how one of the foods that I love goes from farm to my table thanks to Irv, Louis and Jamie showing me through olive production. I will be posting about all of that later, […]

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biofuels and sustainability panel

GM & Enterprise Talk Sustainability & Renewable Fuels at the @DanforthCenter

Monday night I had the chance to hear about some of the key components of corporate sustainability for General Motors and Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Leaders of the two companies were at the Danforth Plant Science Center to talk about sustainability efforts at their companies. Having heard a lot of companies talk about sustainability, it was interesting […]

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caring for the earth, earth day

When is Earth Day and How Do People Celebrate it?

Each year,  millions of Americans take a little time to celebrate Earth Day on April 22 (last year I captured a lot of things various friends had on tap for Earth Day). This year (2012), Earth Day is on Sunday so I wonder if there would be differences in how it will be observed or […]

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My Thoughts on The Fraying of Decency

My Thoughts on The Fraying of Decency

Read this excerpt from the New York Times and think about whether you agree or not. The prevailing American story line right now is seething anger at politicians: that they’re corrupt, or heartless, or socialist, or dumb. But the Amazon story, and many other recent developments, suggest that the problem is significantly deeper. Far beyond […]

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tree frog mosquito dinner

Tree Frog Getting His Dinner Leaves Me Wordless this Wednesday

I took two dozen photos one night trying to capture one of the tree frogs stuck to the side of a building enjoying all the bugs flying around the light in mid bite. FINALLY caught one! Still blown away by the detail I was able to capture since I was using a little point & […]

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Fishing the Sea of Galilee (Israel) Wordless Wednesday

Last Wednesday I was cruising around Israel’s Sea of Galilee, a body of water I had heard about all my life through Sunday school and other church activities. It was a great day. the final steps of the boat ride included one of the guys on the boat asking if we’d like to see if […]

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