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Monsanto drought tolerance via Mark Edge

Drought Tolerance Discussion Draws Farmer Interest at AFBF13

Yesterday I sat in on the presentation about drought tolerant corn and wanted to reblog it here so you could all find it on the Farm Bureau annual meeting blog. The speaker, Mark Edge, also gave me a short overview on what the presentation was about. It’s here on video. On Sunday, one of the […]

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goodbye Blackberry

What’s happened to Blackberry? Is anyone buying them?

Last week was one for the record books when it comes to smartphones. With that in mind, I wrote a guest post about what’s happening at Blackberry for I encourage you to read it, particularly if you haven’t been closely following smartphone news in the past week as Blackberry had major announcements and Nielson […]

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We Have Just This Weekend Left to Help Bolay Farms!

We Have Just This Weekend Left to Help Bolay Farms!

In the last few weeks I’ve seen several people sharing a video that gives you a specific way to help one Oklahoma farm with just the click of a mouse. Its come at me from farming friends as well as college friends. I’ve voted several times but you can vote daily and we need more […]

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farmer panel at SXSW 2011

Want the latest on interactive? Talk to farmers!

There are lots of learning opportunities out there to hear about interactive media. In fact, social media seems to be a buzzword that spawns lots of sessions at lots of conferences every week. But where would someone go if they wanted to get the absolute latest social media and interactive information? If they wanted to […]

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snow mountain

Snow & Farm Equipment in Moorhead, Minnesota: A Flat Stanley Adventure

Moorhead, Minnesota (1,411 miles from home) Flat Stanley sure was a long way from home visiting up here with me in Minnesota. We’re next to the Red River in the Red River Valley and the land around here – both in Minnesota and North Dakota since we’re near the state lines – is some of the […]

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using my iPad

Help for the New iPad Owner

While scanning through tweets, I saw a tweet from Chris Brogan saying there was a good starter guide to using an iPad (assuming lots of folks got one for Christmas like Debbie Lyons-Blythe did). I looked through it and agree. Its the kind of step-by-step that helps you get a handle on it if you […]

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goodbye netbook, hello iPad

It is official! The iPad has put the smackdown on my netbook!

There was a time that shall be known as BI — before iPad. Back in those dark days, I was under the mistaken impression that I was able to keep up with things in my personal digital world even when I was on the move thanks to a netbook. I have trouble remembering this at […]

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Testing Video Capabilities of my Blackberry Torch

Recently I wrote a blog post about the new Blackberry Torch I had gotten. Since then, I’ve had a chance to get to play with more of its features. I’ve got an HD Flip camera that I LOVE and use often but recently while I was on the road with my niece & nephew, we […]

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