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icy sidewalk feature

Forget Ice Dancing, I Can’t Get Walking on Ice Down!

I have complained about the cold weather on several occasions and yes, I try to focus on the positive thinking about the fact that overwintering insects are meeting their frozen end, that I have friends helping me with tips on dealing with the cold and that if misery love company, I have one hell of a community […]

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What looks like a Christmas tree farm bearing the weight of much ice.

Traveling Through & Dealing with the Southeast’s Ice Storm

Sunday I was in Virginia Beach, VA for work and when I posted a photo of my beloved she-crab soup, my friend Lisa posted she was enjoying some a few hours south in Charleston. As I flew home Monday, snowflakes began flying and weather forecasts began sounding alarms. Lisa was continuing her tour going south […]

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If misery loves company, this winter is creating one hell of a community!

I’ve noticed something recently. Anytime someone talks about how cold it is, how much snow there is or whatever, it seems someone has to try and “one up” that statement with something worse they are dealing with. Using the energy to try and one up each other is a waste for me, I need that energy […]

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Buffett banner

Help Us Drive Away the Polar Vortex

By now, you know that much of the US has been consumed by this polar vortex of winter storm ion. I have to say, I know a storm is going to be big when the local TV stations begin doing near 24 hour coverage or when weather words I’ve never heard before are used. But it […]

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winter storm ion hits St. Louis - Copy

Winter Storm Ion Hits St. Louis — Preparation & Digging In

Since I have friends, family & readers all over, I thought I’d do a post on what’s happening in my little corner of the world. I’m sure we are making national news, but so far, Al Roker hasn’t asked to broadcast from my yard so this is a way for you to know what’s happening […]

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How can a Southern girl survive a deep freeze?

Top 15 Things You Can Do to Survive Extreme Cold — Tips from a Panel of Experts

I still remember the advice I was given as I moved to Oklahoma for college. I was told to be sure I had a good coat. It wasn’t what you would think was brilliant advice, but as someone who had lived in a place where you make short moves from your warm car to a […]

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thankful for cold weather killing bugs

Thankful for Cold Weather in the Winter. Wait, did I say that?

Everyone who knows me, knows I vastly prefer warm weather days. I love days when I can drive around with the top of my car down — I even wrote a 30 days of thanks post about how awesome fresh air days are. So why would I give thanks for cold weather days? Especially when […]

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weather Memphis vs Bismarck

The Impacts of Climate Change on Me This Week

We all hear about climate change now and then. And I know this isn’t what they are talking about but it’s slapping me in the face today. I am in Memphis for the weekend and as I drove in last night and saw the temps were in the 60s, I smiled so big. I love […]

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