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selfie at Jackson Hole

Where do you stand on Selfies? Backer or Backlash?

While I was browsing (so pumped that I will be at the conference next week), I stumbled on a post that made me look. The title? No, Really! Show Us Your Selfie! I decided to give it a look. There was a collection of selfies by the writer (Jenna Hatfield) and her family/friends and then the piece […]

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water in my car

When It Rains It Pours…. Literally… Like Monsoons… Torrential Rain

I sort of feel like maybe I need to confess some things in order to get past them. They’ve been going on for a while now and I’ve been trying to just smile and move on. That’s just not seeming to work somehow and today’s reality checks — TWO OF THEM — put me about […]

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friday 13th feature photo

The Friday the 13th Picture That Always Comes to Mind

Friday the 13th is a day and a phrase that draws lots of us to have images going through our heads. I’m not sure what pictures come to your mind, but I have a one that is in black and white that comes to mind for me. It is based on the photo here. Yes, […]

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#YesAllWomen has Been on My Mind, Now it’s on the Blog

I’ve been reading the articles online and having the discussion with friends and family…. but I hadn’t added my voice other than a few tweets here and there and some comments on Facebook. As I read Estelle Tang’s open letter to all of her male friends, I thought maybe my voice should join the #YesAllWomen […]

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Volkswagen on a roadtrip

Feeling Out of My Element Even Though I Am Home

It is amazing how one thing can change and leave you feeling a bit off your game in several other areas. As much as I have been traveling recently, that’s probably to be expected. I had a crazy few weeks on the road recently and have been trying to get my head back in the […]

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It’s Not All Rainbows & Unicorns with Mommy Bloggers

I spent Friday & Saturday in mommy blogger central — I went to the Mom 2.0 Summit for work. If you haven’t hear about Mom 2.0 before, I encourage you to watch this video the Today Show did on Mom 2.0 for some general info or my friend Danyelle’s post about how it reinvigorated her passion or scan […]

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Facing An Identity Crisis Head On

It still befuddles me a little that I made up a Twitter name one day — @JPlovesCOTTON — to show my personal connection to agriculture and give off positive vibes, and years later that is how many people know me. It wasn’t part of a master plan — I wish I was that smart back […]

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Remembering Miss Dot (Dot Hester) The Way She Deserves to be Remembered

Over the past few months, a dear friend from my Mississippi Delta days, Miss Dot aka Dot Hester, has been undergoing treatment for a terminal illness. I had heard about it for a while, had checked in with various friends on her well-being & state of mind and kept hearing various reports on the kind […]

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