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I Just Can't Get It, Don't Want to Either

I Just Can’t Get It, Don’t Want to Either

This week I took a 48 hour vacation. I went to one of America’s great cities – Chicago. I had an incredible time at the Cubs game Tuesday night. Baseball is one of my favorite sports to watch. Always has been. And while I love the Yankees (enough to have a Yankees jacket on even […]

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Lunch 'n' Learn of Another Kind

Lunch ‘n’ Learn of Another Kind

In the last several months, several campaigns have started to raise awareness about what is served as part of a school lunch.  I’m sure you’ve seen one if not several of them.  My brother Ray recently sent me a not about another one suggesting it as a blog topic… took me a couple of days […]

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Opening day is finally here!

Opening day is finally here!

I’m not talking about a hunting or sports season, but it is something a lot of people look forward to — the opening of the Memphis Farmers Market downtown! I’ve missed the opening event but I’ve seen updates of lots of folks who went.  And it doesn’t look like they missed me as there was […]

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Telling my story, even if it is uncomfortable

Telling my story, even if it is uncomfortable

About six weeks ago, I was asked to do an interview with John Blue at Truffle Media.  As someone who talks with media routinely and sets up interviews for others every week, I did it without thinking. And John is a great member of the #agchat community so it seemed friendly enough. But I have […]

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I am "Ag Proud"

I am “Ag Proud”

The question about why I’m proud to be in agriculture is a tough one. Pride is not the first word that comes to me when I think about working in agriculture… I think that is more passion. I stumbled into agriculture by accident really, thinking I would get experience at a farm publications company and […]

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hundreds of miles from my house...

hundreds of miles from my house…

It will sound strange, but those of you who know me probably expect strange from me at times. I woke up yesterday and headed to the Memphis airport. Memphis where I was born & raised, attended grad school & am living now. It’s where I have family and fear friends. I love the river, the […]

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ag is a colorful spectrum -- hope I can represent the adventure

ag is a colorful spectrum — hope I can represent the adventure

Killin time. Not sure why. I have lots of things to do, including my taxes! But instead I’m playing with my blog design. I just wanted to play and then realized I had hit activate rather than preview so I had to go for it!  I sort of wish I would have grabbed a screenshot […]

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tractor @ sunset1

Paying Tribute to “Just a Farmer, Plain & Simple”

A friend recently told me his grandpa had passed away.  His granddad had farmed in the same community his whole life — he was 90 and was still active, he had even helped with the lengthy weather-ravaged harvest this past fall.  From the stories I heard from the combine, I knew he must be loved […]

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