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I am "Ag Proud"

I am “Ag Proud”

The question about why I’m proud to be in agriculture is a tough one. Pride is not the first word that comes to me when I think about working in agriculture… I think that is more passion. I stumbled into agriculture by accident really, thinking I would get experience at a farm publications company and […]

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hundreds of miles from my house...

hundreds of miles from my house…

It will sound strange, but those of you who know me probably expect strange from me at times. I woke up yesterday and headed to the Memphis airport. Memphis where I was born & raised, attended grad school & am living now. It’s where I have family and fear friends. I love the river, the […]

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ag is a colorful spectrum -- hope I can represent the adventure

ag is a colorful spectrum — hope I can represent the adventure

Killin time. Not sure why. I have lots of things to do, including my taxes! But instead I’m playing with my blog design. I just wanted to play and then realized I had hit activate rather than preview so I had to go for it!  I sort of wish I would have grabbed a screenshot […]

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tractor @ sunset1

Paying Tribute to “Just a Farmer, Plain & Simple”

A friend recently told me his grandpa had passed away.  His granddad had farmed in the same community his whole life — he was 90 and was still active, he had even helped with the lengthy weather-ravaged harvest this past fall.  From the stories I heard from the combine, I knew he must be loved […]

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In Seattle Talking Technology -- Stereotypes in Play?

In Seattle Talking Technology — Stereotypes in Play?

I think my lunch last Saturday would almost seem stereotypical for Seattle and yet the day was a tad surreal. My sister Cheryl works for a Seattle-based computer firm.  She spends a good bit of time in the fine city.  Her crowd of friends includes programmers, project managers, etc.  When she found out I’d be […]

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Staying Home for the Holidays

Staying Home for the Holidays

I’m lucky enough to have multiple choice at the holidays usually.  The benefit of being single.  All the moms & kids seem to be driver.  I’m usually with family in one place or another although I sometimes also squeeze in vacation fun.  This year the decision was to stay put.  I love traveling to see […]

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I Can't Seem to Think in Numbers, I'm a People Person

I Can’t Seem to Think in Numbers, I’m a People Person

I was playing around on the web and decided to go to twitter’s website to check trending topics — I saw too many Chuck Norris tweets and having bought a Chuck Norris book for last year’s office Christmas party exchange, I just had to know.  When I logged in… the number of zeros popped up.  […]

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Three Days in Another World

Three Days in Another World

Having spent time in the Soviet Union, Turkey, China, etc., I thought I knew what it felt like to be in a different world.  But those were easy to prepare for.  The languages were different, I had long hours on airplanes, etc.  This week’s trip to the North American International Livestock Expo (NAILE) felt similar […]

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