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St. Louis A to Z: Niche, Nelly & Norton Grapes

Knowing how much I love really yummy food, it should surprise no one that I am leading N with a local restaurant fave. Niche Niche is the first of the Gerard Craft restaurants I went to. I still remember the night when I had dinner with Ellen, Grant, Mike & Ray at Niche. And without […]

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Did you know Old McDonald was a really bad speller?

On my lazy Saturday I finally got up and turned on the Olympics. I know, I missed Team USA playing hockey and I can live with that. But I get to catch more skeleton so I’m ok. I just saw this commercial…. before I say more, please watch it. So in this Geico Insurance ad, […]

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Merry Christmas vs Happy Holidays

Why Shouldn’t I Say Merry Christmas? Happy Holidays Isn’t the Same!

It happens every year. In December, I see the comments from people about wishing others Merry Christmas or the push to use Happy Holidays. There are “holiday parties” which seem to get under other people’s skin as they wish they were Christmas parties. Some people are simply asking a question about why others should be […]

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Thankful for Music — Acoustic, Rock or Country — I Love Lots of It!

I have expressed my love of music on my blog before, but there is a difference in simply saying you love it and truly being thankful for something. For me, I a truly thankful for music for several reasons and that’s what rates a mention here in my 30 days of thanks series. There is […]

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Thankful for Art and for Looking at the World with an Artistic Eye

Do you remember when it seemed like everyone enjoyed art? You know, back before grades and competition got involved? When we could use paste and construction paper with a pair of scissors and crayons and come up with something that no matter how it looked, our parents would say how great it was? LOVED those […]

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thank God it's Friday

Thank God It’s Friday! That’s Certainly a True Feeling of Gratitude

How often do you say “thank God it’s Friday!” with enthusiasm? Well for me, it is truly enthusiastically that I say it tonight! I’ve said it several times today and truly meant it too! But I didn’t realize that I could have been singing it all day! This is so fun that it will likely […]

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Sending Up a A Song of Thanks for the Kind & Generous

I’m not sure this really counts as a post of thanks in the way some do it, but for Wordless Wednesday, I decided to share a song of thanks. That way I leave the expressing of thanks to a song I really enjoy — “Kind and Generous” by Natalie Merchant. I want to thank the […]

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Shelby County Schools

Shelby County Schools Is Having a Merger Meltdown

I have worked on several mergers over my career and have to say, the news I’ve been seeing my sister Leslie post as status updates has had me shaking my head for a while. But yesterday’s adventure, was too much…. it pushed me to the blogging point which is sort of like the tipping point […]

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