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St. Louis A to Z: Q is for the Queeny Family and Queeny Park!

When I started the A to Z about St. Louis months ago, I have to admit to thinking it would be a challenge to find places, people or things to go with some letters. And although Q can be challenging for some projects, I knew immediately what I would be posting about…. And yet, Queeny Park […]

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St Louis Birthday Cake

250 Birthday Cakes Celebrating St. Louis’ 250th Birthday VIDEO

I haven’t done a Wordless Wednesday post in a while but decided this was a great opportunity… well at least an almost wordless Wednesday post. In the past 4 days, my sister & brother-in-law were in town. While they were here, we spent time seeing some of the sites locally. First place we went — […]

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St. Louis A to Z: Peabody Opera House, Pizza, Pork Steaks & more

I am hereby sucking it up and finishing the series on St. Louis from A to Z. The series was to be completed in April and I was delayed a bit here and there but had been doing ok — I got to O on the 21st instead of the 18th it was supposed to […]

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A Learning Day at an Oregon Grass Seed Farm VIDEO

A couple of years ago, I spent almost two weeks out west just rambling around, visiting friends, etc. I flew into Portland, Oregon and started my trek south until I flew home from Fresno, California. I called it my Oregon-California Roadtrip. I was sharing some of the trip as I went, but I was learning […]

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3 rituals at a Chinese temple - Copy

Experiencing a Night of Chinese Mysticism in Malaysia

It is hard to believe it has been almost a decade since I was in Malaysia for vacation. That trip was one of so many rich experiences for me! Like some of my other trips, I traveled to Malaysia solo and yet had incredible company throughout my visit! Incredible company was certainly what I had […]

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The World’s First Christian Church in Antakya, Turkey

I have been so lucky in terms of travel…. since I started working, I have been funding my travel habit! I’ve had the chance to go to several continents, lots of countries and almost all of the states in the US (I have just two left and am trying to figure out when I’ll be […]

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Volkswagen on a roadtrip

Feeling Out of My Element Even Though I Am Home

It is amazing how one thing can change and leave you feeling a bit off your game in several other areas. As much as I have been traveling recently, that’s probably to be expected. I had a crazy few weeks on the road recently and have been trying to get my head back in the […]

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If I Believed in Jinxs, I’m Sure the Poor Lady Next to Me Has One

On my way to Miami for work — BlogHer Food which is going to be an absolute pleasure I am sure — I sat next to a lady who was rolling with a lot of punches this week. When I heard about some of the things she’s been through, I said “you really should blog […]

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