Poll of the Week: How do you like your steak cooked?

A note to whoever stumbles on this:  Last weekend a debate with friends turned into a poll about cookies and I learned some things about people’s preferences in cookies.  It also motivated me and friends to bake some cookies!  I thought it would be fun to do a weekly food-related poll, at least for the summer.  There are so many ideas already floating around too!  At the end of the summer, we’ll see whether to continue.  I’ll try to post them as we start looking forward to the weekend — that’s a time to start thinking about what I’ll be cooking and/or eating!  And I’ll use a hashtag series #My___ so the convo can carry on through the blog and twitter as well!  Thanks to the friends who have played with polling ideas! 

So if having a debate about cookies made me want cookies, why not move onto #MySteak?  It’s perfect!  I love a really good steak.  AND since I get to set up the poll, I also get to start the conversation on the topic!  How fun is that?

So steak… I guess having a meat and potatoes dad made me aware of steak early in life. Granted, we weren’t able to have artisan steaks often, but my parents enjoyed firing up the grill and putting a sirloin on there.  In fact, we had multiple grills — both charcoal and gas long before that seemed to be mainstream. The steak debate in our house was usually around the temperature — yes my dad was on one of the spectrum and mom was more centrally located.  Dad was sure the steak would be like shoe leather if it stayed on the grill.  And mom (and I think all of us kids) cringed when the meat was dead cold in the center.

Working in agriculture, one of the benefits seems to have been the ability to taste test steakhouses across the US.  In big cities and in the middle of nowhere, I seem to have tried lots.  And I have to admit, that sitting around a friend’s patio or deck, laughing and hearing/telling stories, smelling the grill and eating with folks you really enjoy being around…. those are the best steaks to me even if they aren’t exactly the right shade of pink. My other steak preferences:

  • I’m somewhere in the medium-medium rare camp.
  • For some reason, cowboy cuts are a favorite but I enjoy ribeyes and filets too.
  • I usually like a fairly simple preparation. Not one for heavy marinades or too much served on top as long as it’s a good cut of beef.  Just salt & pepper.
  • Some of the best steaks have been at locally owned and operated places.  Cagle’s in the Lubbock area comes to mind — you drive across cattle guards to get to the restaurant.  But the most memory of a truly great steak was in Tulsa at the Blue Danube. Our friend Cindy was treating a few broke college students. One asked for a steak sauce and the waiter stopped dead in his tracks and said, but you haven’t tasted the steak yet. He was right, the steak needed nothing.
  • There are chains that do a great job too though, I especially like Flemings.
  • I love red wine with steak! (It’s also good solo… prefer Malbec, Rioja, Pinot Noir….)
  • Fresh vegetables and yummy starch are great compliments — some of my favorites?  Artichoke hearts, mushrooms, greenbeans, twice baked potatoes, steak fries and always need a hot yeast roll!

So the poll is on how you like it cooked but please feel free to add lots of comments and suggestions about things I (and others) should try.

If you want to do a bit more reading, I suggest you look into these blogs to hear from some friends of mine who know a lot about steak!

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