Maybe We Should Have a Revolving Door Installed

downtown St. Louis

Downtown St. Louis

Well, Wednesday was a day that had been in the making for a little while… certainly didn’t just happen all on its own. No this day took lots of planning, scheduling and execution. But I may need to step back a bit and start a little earlier in the story than simply today.

In the last few months, I have been dividing my time between the home I love in Memphis and the city I’m ready to move to (St. Louis) where I’ve excitedly been looking at houses. There have been so many steps along the way that I wonder if I really messed up by not starting a relocation blog but I think so many of the posts about the home would be utter griping, that I’m glad I didn’t. Nobody needs that much negativity! 

Like I said, today was a day that been in the making for months. I wish it had been a happy event like Jillian & Jared’s wedding but I think its more like the storm that approached the wedding. I’ll still get my happy event when I close on a new home and even may have a house warming, but for now, it feels more like I need to hunker down in the barn or the basement.

See, today I had five different people representing four different businesses in my home. All of whom were doing something that needs to be done for my relocation process. And yeah, I was dumb enough to try and work through it. So, I thought I’d share a little slice of what my world’s been like.

  • I have never had so many knocks at the door, chances to hear the doorbell or chances to hear “excuse me” as someone came through the door.

    ready to spray hydrogen peroxide

    ready to spray hydrogen peroxide

  • Cleaning the crawl space. Okay, I have never crawled all underneath my house. I’m not certain what it looks like although some home inspectors have tried patiently to photograph it and explain. I had a small plumbing leak under the house recently and my plumber came and fixed that. Today’s crawl space crew was focused on some mold that formed in the process. No, not the 60 Minutes or Dateline kind of mold (believe me I am allergic to every kind of mold imaginable) but the would be good to clean up kind. While my brother-in-law & a few friends suggested Sam’s-sized purchase of Clorox, I hired professionals to do the job right. Imagine my surprise when guys in Tyvek suits & respirators told me that they didn’t use a fungicide. (Yes, ag girl HAD TO ASK.) In fact, they were (and I totally wish I had this recorded) using hydrogen peroxide. (Yes, the same thing mom put in my ears when I swam in the lake as a kid.) Wait, they used a stronger hydrogen peroxide WITH SURFACTANTS and blue dye in it as well as a shop vac.
  • with extra balusters & without

    with extra balusters & without (watch your head!)

    Adding balusters to the deck. Yeah, the deck had a lot of balusters when I bought it and yes, Lanny and the guys replaced a few bad ones. But the spacing was larger than code. So today a carpenter spent a few hours putting new ones in the middle of the old ones. I’m guessing this is so nobody gets their head stuck in there or anything…. of course I’ve lived here 4 years and no heads have gotten stuck, but the next folks may be more likely to try fitting their head through. He also dug a great hole for a post and put a handrail on the steps.

  • An appraisal. After the “mold” guys and carpenter left, right on their heels was an appraiser. Gotta love having someone measure every little thing, drawing out notes, taking photographs and asking questions. My favorite part of it was his asking what I call the room I use as my office. Yep, I call it my office but for real estate and all it counts as a bedroom. He didn’t seem too sure til he actually
  • Electrician comes to put in GFCI protection in the kitchen & bathroom outlets fixing an outlet that had reversed polarity and covering something on the AC.
With all of that, it shouldn’t be at all surprising that it was 7:30 or so before I got around to dinner thoughts. Thank goodness Lou’s Pizza Pie delivers!

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