I am “Ag Proud”

Proud to count these 2 among my farmer friends. Mr. Ray with his son Jesse. My first on-farm interview was with this great family many years ago. They still roll out the welcome carpet for me. Proud to say, this photo is a family fave too!Thanks to Ryan Goodman for giving me the idea of writing a short post on why I'm proud to be a part of agriculture and for including me in a post on his blog crossing several people's reasons.

The question about why I’m proud to be in agriculture is a tough one. Pride is not the first word that comes to me when I think about working in agriculture… I think that is more passion. I stumbled into agriculture by accident really, thinking I would get experience at a farm publications company and move on, but the sense of community I found was so strong, and the farmers and all I talked to so incredible that I ended up making it my career.

Another passion for me is communications. I find a lot of satisfaction in telling the stories that can make a difference on the farm by shining a small light on the practices that were making a difference on their farm. Over time, I had farmers families tell me how much they enjoyed the stories I had written or that the photos I had taken on their farms had a prized place in their home. I realized that I had become a part of that community of such integrity and caring, and that gave me a sense of pride as well as humility.

It became clear to me, that I was a tiny piece of the effort that provides the food for our families, communities and the world. That’s something that still leaves me in awe. Granted I don’t grow the food or fiber, but I think the ability to share the stories of the farmers who do and the scientists who develop the next wave of high producing products is a gift – not the sort of talent-based gift people talk about, but a unique experience that was opened for me.

Through my job in PR and through my other passion of travel, I’ve found myself able to talk to people across the US and around the globe about their contributions to feeding & clothing themselves and others. Wow. What a thing to be honored with, honored with the possibility of sharing that story whether it is with the masses through magazines or through personal story-telling… I feel a sense of pride there.

Reality is though, I was lucky enough to walk into agriculture. Not sure this city girl would have ever been smart enough to set myself on this course.

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2 Responses to I am “Ag Proud”

  1. Brent Pohlman April 11, 2010 at 7:43 pm #

    Great Blog Post! Ag Proud is all about “Passion” I really like that theme in your post. Thanks for sharing!!! Will need to read other posts on your site… I signed up for future posts. I hope others who are passionate about AG will too.


  2. Daphne Tan April 20, 2010 at 10:12 am #


    I came across your post since I subscribe to LinkedIn’s ag community and i hv to say, sentiments exactly all across the other end of the world, tiny Singapore!

    In case you’re not familiar with Singapore: We are an island state in Asia which is more financial, business, retail, logistics, trade, R&D hub than agri – in fact, ag production barely contributes 0.01% to our GDP. but as with everyone else, we do need to eat. And here, we eat very well 🙂

    Like u, i also stumbled upon ag by chance. my training is in economics, though my early career was in journalism. became the editor of a feed and livestock mag in 2004 and i’ve since been hooked. like u, i love ag for the community of wholehearted, big-hearted pple working in it, pple with pHDs who still take the trouble to explain basic technical stuff to you so patiently yet with passion. It’s not an industry that people take to easily since ag is ‘non glamorous’ by s’pore standards and all the technical jargon just way too much. but i love it, hv stayed and will stay on probably for good

    i’ve always seen myself as a city girl with a country heart, and i’m glad to hv found my place! i’m now freelancing as a writer, analyst and media communicator for several ag companies in Asia and Europe. Also write for the Feed International publication, if you visit http://www.fi-digital.com/fi/201001/?u1=texterity you will see my articles on asia

    keep in touch!

    Daphne Tan

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