Proud of My Role in Agricultural Communications

Thought some of you may enjoy seeing this guest post I wrote for my good friend Ryan Goodman over on Agriculture Proud. He’s been doing a series of posts on the different kinds of careers within agriculture people are proud of having. This is a glimpse at the post but I encourage you to visit the Ag Proud site so you can see it in full.

AgProud: Janice Person Loves Cotton

…and she is definitely Agriculture Proud! Janice is one of my favorite people online, and I have had the blessing to meet her in real life. She is that awesome person who is always there for ya, one of the people I go to for advice when I get stuck, especially with Social Media topics. Her Social Media Heroes series, speaks well of her abilities too. Continuing with my Agriculture Proud series featuring diversity within Agriculture, I want to feature JP and how she works with so many in Agriculture and Cotton, even while being a city gal. Why are YOU Agriculture Proud?

Putting My Passion for Communications to Work in Agriculture

self portrait JPlovesCOTTON It was clear at an early age that I wanted to do communications. The signs seem so clear:

  • I never have known a stranger, no matter where in the world I’ve traveled.
  • A camera is an extension of my body, something I am never without.
  • Putting what I’m seeing as I travel about into words comes easy and I enjoy.

But you can use those skills anywhere and although I stumbled into agriculture, putting my communications skills and passion to work in the field talking to farmers and researchers has been incredibly rewarding. I get to learn from people who have years, even decades of experience in areas that others can benefit from hearing about. So my job is to talk to them, see what information needs to passed along.

Since my family didn’t grow up in agriculture, I’ve had the chance to learn incredible things that leave my high school & college friends wondering there was some alien force that took control of my vocabulary and friends lists. For instance, I’ve had the chance to:

  • Discover some of incredible environmentalists out there
  • Showcase US cotton for farmers from all over the world
  • Learn from cotton breeders what transgressive segregation is

via AgProud: Janice Person Loves Cotton « Agriculture Proud.

sunset on a cotton field

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  1. Mimi April 29, 2012 at 12:17 am #

    That is so amazing! How cool that your passion brought you to agriculture. Maybe I should look into communications. LOL I’m thinking of going back to school. What a great series that must be. I love seeing your tweets and that ag people are finding their way onto Twitter. I find ag fascinating!

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