#Youtility is About Farming & the Long-Term, Fitting for #AgNerds

You may or may not know that I am participating in the AgChat Foundation’s annual conference this week. Last night, agnerds (people who like me love agriculture and have embraced technology) began to descend upon Charlotte. A bunch of us got together at a local sports bar to visit…..

agnerds casual get together at AC

I think everyone had a great time…. Sadly the pool table wasn’t kind to me. What was good for all of us was catching up and trading tips on what’s working. We saw familiar faces and met some new folks too.

One familiar face for me was Jay Baer’s of Convince and Convert (we recently did a social pros podcast) but it was his intro to the masses of agnerds. And it started off with the mind-blowing way to be sure you always have juice for your phone thanks to Nicole Small of A Kansas Farm Mom. Yes, that’s a battery pack from power tools recharging her phone!

mind-blowing battery charger

Today started Jay giving us tips from his new book Youtility, and I decided to live tweet it and thought I’d simply share my tweets here as a way to share the experience with all of you.

  • RT @AgProudRyan RT @jaybaer: Getting ready to rock #Youtility for agriculture at #acfc13 in #CLT. #agnerds http://instagram.com/p/dUP4UGtJuV/  #acfc13
  • Geeking out as @JayBaer is ready to rock the #agnerd world. Will be live tweeting his comments at #ACFC13 #blogchat #agchat #acfc13
  • .@jaybaer doesn’t think he’s ever been given rosemary before doing a presentation. Thanks @slowmoneyfarm! 🙂 #acfc13
  • Creating customers for the long-term is the goal. @HiltonSuggests gets volunteers to make suggestions. They’ve tweeted me #acfc13
  • Being helpful shouldn’t be dependent on being their customer first. I so see “Miracle on 34th Street” now from a SM perspective. #acfc13
  • Marketing that is so useful, people would pay for it. That’s #Youtility. Make yourself so valuable people want it! #acfc13
  • Gotta love that Taxi Mike does a local where to eat, where to drink, etc. He’s a taxi driver in Banff. He gets the call. #acfc13
  • People prefer to hunt — more immediate than farming which is long-term. Farmers provide the long-term hunters find though #acfc13
  • It is becoming more common for this to be the norm for big & small companies/brands. Marketing is hard, gotta be smart! #acfc13
  • @joshfleming I’ve seen him a few times…. was lucky enough to be on his social pros podcast recently 🙂 @amaiowa https://janiceperson.com/personal-insight/social-pros-jay-baer/ …
  • @AnnMLarson he is making himself INVALUABLE 🙂
  • Did @jaybaer just say there is pride in being #3 in “my cow has the runs?” he’s so enjoying the #agnerd crowd! #acfc13
  • How do folks use search? Not way they used to. Buying something? In 2004 would use search engine 83% now 61%, we ask our SM peeps #acfc13
  • thirty percent of US social media users have made purchase decisions due to Sm — I do it OFTEN! #acfc13
  • Companies are getting mixed into our social feeds in a new way. Hits FB, Instagram, etc. Hard to tell where the line is. – @jaybaer #acfc13
  • No longer competing against other farmers, or opponents, competing against absolutely everything. Have to be better – @jaybaer #acfc13
  • The question is “are you more interesting to me than my own wife?” that’s what you need to do to get @jaybaer’s attention in SM #acfc13
  • You need to simply be amazing! Not just want to be amazing, you have to do it. – @jaybaer #acfc13
  • 3 types of #youtility – 1) self-serve info, people want more sources of info BEFORE making a purchase. #acfc13
  • There is no barrier to research according to @jaybaer but lord love me some people only take the easy way, support current belief #acfc13
  • Percentage of US farmers with smartphones? 10% in 2010, 48 % in 2011, 94% in 2012 — That’s a lot of #agnerds people! – @jaybaer #acfc13
  • Yes @jaybaer is talking about how teejet nozzles have a way to help you pick the best nozzle to use on farm. Imp info too #acfc13
  • Transparency? Everyone has access to all the info in the world in their pants. Trust is the seed of agvocacy #acfc13
  • I think @jaybaer just gave me props from the stage. #rockin #acfc13
  • You have to build trust. Whitewashing doesn’t work. Canada McDonald’s Our food, your questions. A lot like http://gmoanswers.com  #acfc13
  • questions aren’t all glamorous but are what people have. So glad @GMOanswers is doing the same w/ experts http://gmoanswers.com  #acfc13
  • People rarely have enough info on their website. Avg person reads 105 posts/pages before becoming customer! @jaybaer #acfc13
  • 75% of the customers Mark Sheridan has never talk to a person before deciding. Those 105 pages do it! #acfc13
  • Marketers need to worry less about selling better and more about teaching better – @jaybaer #acfc13
  • Transcending the transactional to deliver value takes giving yourself permission to make the story bigger than yourself @jaybaer #acfc13
  • PS not sure who decided on the new @tweetchat design, but having to hit the screen 3 times to send a tweet sucks. #acfc13
  • People are surrounded by data, but data and insights are not the same thing. SO MANY PEOPLE DON’T GET THIS! #acfc13
  • Once you know what people need, then you look at how to give it to them. Lots of options. #acfc13
  • Have you bought a car seat recently? So many at store it is like Stonehenge looking back at you! CarSeatHelper makes a difference #acfc13
  • You should always start with the need, not the execution. 🙂 #acfc13
  • If you go to the chance to make the utility, give it a chance to succeed. Really promote it well. #acfc13
  • Content is fire. Social media is gasoline. (let’s torch this puppy!) #acfc13
  • Using social media to tout something useful you have created is way more awesome than saying you are awesome. Don’t talk you you you #acfc13
  • #Youtility is a skill not a job. It should be a skill you encourage everyone to develop & use. @jaybaer #acfc13
  • #Youtility is a process not a project. You don’t get to the end. You can’t stop because needs change rather than go away #acfc13
  • When you keep at it, you get better at it anyway! So keep going! #acfc13
  • how do you know when to go to the bathroom during a movie? Use run pee! It will tell you when to go so you don’t miss big scenes #acfc13

As always, Jay gave me lots to think about. Even though I had read the book, hearing him talk it through, including some agricultural examples… it put a new spin on it for me. Got me thinking a bit more too!

What is the #Youtility that stands out for you?

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7 Responses to #Youtility is About Farming & the Long-Term, Fitting for #AgNerds

  1. Barbara Womack August 22, 2013 at 6:23 pm #

    Sounds like an awesome time!

    “Marketers need to worry less about selling better and more about teaching better – @jaybaer #acfc13″ …been saying this for years. Now, if I could just get somebody to listen.

    Thanks for posting, Janice! This was both encouraging and inspiring. (and, I admit it, I’m just a little bit jealous) I’m off to read Youtility….and meditate on this…”You need to simply be amazing! Not just want to be amazing, you have to do it. – @jaybaer #acfc13”

    • Janice Person August 24, 2013 at 11:05 am #

      Thanks Barbara! I have multiple copies of both of Jay’s books! Love how much of a regular guy he is in his advice rather than pretending to be a guru. 🙂

  2. Jay Baer August 23, 2013 at 1:28 pm #

    Thanks so much. Great to see you, and all the #AgNerds. One clarification: 94% of farmers have mobile devices, not necessarily smart phones (I botched the stat).

    • Janice Person August 24, 2013 at 11:09 am #

      Thanks for everything Jay… Especially the clarification!

  3. Nicole Small August 27, 2013 at 7:47 pm #

    Thanks JP, my husband is so proud that he found technology to astound the most nerdy of the AgNerds.

    • Janice Person August 27, 2013 at 10:58 pm #

      LOL! I’m not sure I can live up to that description to astound someone but hey, its all good!


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