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Georgia & me

That Time I Got Called a PANK

This memory isn’t from too long ago, but it is really memorable and it is connected to a memory from a long time ago…. I have shifted back and forth on whether to do this chronologically or based on the title. I think I’m going with the calendar. You’ll find out why I’d be called […]

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carnegie hall

Unable to Catch My Breath at Carnegie Hall

It seems like a long time since I lived in New York sometimes, others it seems like just yesterday. Getting back to New York a few times this year, I’ve had a few chances to stumble into memories. I was surprised to have a cab let a colleague and I out across the street from […]

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download4 cover

Traveling in Israel and Seeing Palestine

Some of you may not know that several years ago, I toured Israel with a group. I’ve written several posts about food and agriculture there as well as some of the typical tourist sites that hold Biblical significance. But the trip itself was a very different experience for me. As someone who had visited quite […]

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cotton picker on the farm

Thankful for Cotton & The Folks Who Plant it & Get it to Me!

This is another one of the “no brainer” posts for my 30 days of thanks series. I am sure some of you were beginning to wonder whether I was going to wait and make this my grand crescendo at the end or something, but I have to admit, that I’m not really that organized! LOL! […]

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thank God it's Friday

Thank God It’s Friday! That’s Certainly a True Feeling of Gratitude

How often do you say “thank God it’s Friday!” with enthusiasm? Well for me, it is truly enthusiastically that I say it tonight! I’ve said it several times today and truly meant it too! But I didn’t realize that I could have been singing it all day! This is so fun that it will likely […]

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30 days banner

Celebrating November by Giving 30 Days of Thanks

I have backlogs of stuff I want to write, posts from my summer trip to Japan and my big roadtrip to Montana. I also have lots of other things that I think would be good to share. But this summer & fall have been so hectic for me that I really want to step back […]

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