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big & small sumo wrestlers face each other

How I Went From Sumo Wrestling Virgin to Fan in a Day VIDEO

I know. Sumo wrestling is something very few Americans think the idea is something they really want to see. The image we have doesn’t really lend itself to understanding the sport. Hell, we have bars that have sumo suits where we play like we know what we are doing in a blow up suit. But […]

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handing out handbills in Tokyo

Tokyo’s Electric City – Akihabara – Leaves Me Wordless

The Akihabara area of Tokyo is also called the electric city and our friends Yoshiyuki & Tomoe included it on our quick tour of Tokyo. Although you are immediately struck by the bright colors (and bright lights at night), the area gets it’s name from all the shops that sell and fix the latest in electronics. […]

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awesome vacation despite travel delays

How to Survive Travel Days that are Neverending — Things Learned

Friday morning at 8 am Japan Standard Time, I woke up and got started on what I thought would be the start of a day that would involve 16 hours 33 minutes of flight and connection times. Accounting for time to get breakfast, ground travel to and from airports, etc., I figured I’d be home […]

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A Quick Visit to a Grocery Store in Japan – Video Slideshow

I love going into grocery stores when I am in other countries! My favorite things to check out are the produce and meat cases. So when given a chance to go to a grocery store in Japan, I jumped at it and grabbed my point & shoot camera! Here are some of the photos I […]

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What is the Tanabata Festival? Thoughts From a First-Time Attendee

There are things you read about in tour guides or online and feel you know all there is to know about them; that wasn’t the case when I recently attended the tanabata matsuri (tanabata festival) in Hirakatsura, Kanagawa just outside Tokyo. I have heard about various festivals in Japan and as i began planning a […]

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