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sunset on a cotton field

Proud of My Role in Agricultural Communications

Thought some of you may enjoy seeing this guest post I wrote for my good friend Ryan Goodman over on Agriculture Proud. He’s been doing a series of posts on the different kinds of careers within agriculture people are proud of having. This is a glimpse at the post but I encourage you to visit […]

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chore time means dinner time

Okay…. It’s Time for Chores

Doing chores… I’ve found out that doing chores is one of those things that means different things to different people. At least, I always meant something different than some of my social media friends mean. Let me state it clearly…. city chores or different from those on the farm, especially if there is livestock involved! […]

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Just a Farmer, Plain and Simple

I posted the poem “I’m just a farmer, plain and simple” by Bobby Collier a little while ago as a tribute to a friend’s grandpa.  The blog post has amazed me.  It resonates with a lot of people who read my blog and it’s drawn others in thanks to web searches, etc. The idea of […]

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Girls! Girls! Girls! An Elvis movie or great ag leaders? BOTH!

It has been a career long observation that being a woman and working in agriculture puts the odds in my favor, at least when it’s break time during a big meeting and the room empties to the restrooms.  The near dichotomy of being a woman in ag is something that has shifted since I started […]

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Spring Fever and It’s Time for Planting Social Media Ideas

I don’t think of my school days often, but this time of year, I remember teachers complaining that some of us had gotten spring fever and needed to calm down. It only became more pronounced when I lived in Oklahoma and New York. But once I was working and living in the midst of agriculture, wow. […]

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My Sister Will SO Call Me a Dork!

Okay, it’s Monday morning, I’m eating breakfast, checking some stuff on the web, watching the news — generally goofing off til I “go to work.”  And I saw something that got me pumped up.  And then I realized that most of my family would think this officially made me the biggest dork ever.  It was […]

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Agvocating is as Easy as Wearing a 100 Percent Cotton Conversation Starter

One of the things that strikes me is how it can seem at times like it is so hard to start conversations about agriculture with someone in the city.  Today reminded me that it can also be very simple.  It’s National Agriculture Day and I had thought about heading to a friend’s farm to see […]

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Basics for Agvocating Online — What I’ve Learned this Year

It is a hot topic in agriculture — lots of discussions about agriculture are being held online.  One of the points that several have made clearly is agriculture’s messages are being communicated online and if farmers want to be part of the conversation, they need to be on the major social media networks. And while […]

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