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baby cotton plants

Young Cotton Plants & 2014 Cotton Planting Progress to Date

This spring has been a bit nuts. Not only have we had weird cold snaps and some pretty significant storms, but I have been traveling a lot and all of those things come together to delay my seeing those precious cotton plants getting their start this spring. But today, as I drove back to St. […]

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Cotton is the Fabric of Lacey's Life

The Small Joys of Cotton

I love finding new bloggers and really love it when one of them finds me and connects! That’s what happened a few weeks ago when an Arkansas woman subscribed to my blog. I looked at her blog and thought “Wow. She seems like so many people I know!” Since then comments and emails have gone […]

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cotton in drought

Cotton 101: Early Season Weather Problems in Mid-South Cotton

As I drove up to St. Louis last Sunday, I noticed some field work being done. Some planters running. My guess is the crop going in the ground was soybeans as we are getting too late for cotton and definitely too late for corn in Arkansas & West Tennessee. I noticed the sandbags that have […]

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two weeks of rain - example of flooding

Memphis Weather Has Us Bracing for Historic Flooding of the Mississippi River

Thursday I was returning to Memphis after a long visit in St. Louis. The drive home was one I had been looking forward to. It had been a tough time in my part of the world. Some of the big notes were I drove through a night of storms on my way up, a tornado ripped […]

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Bales of cotton in a warehouse

A Million Bales of Cotton Impact From One Small Town

I recently saw the following headline in the Delta Farm Press:  Dell, Ark., gin celebrates one millionth bale. The article was really interesting: “Twenty-one years ago, Clarence called me about building a gin,” said Weiner. “I can’t remember how much money we were trying to raise. But it finally took root. It’s good to see […]

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Yell County, AR, location of True Grit

True Grit Oscar Nominations & Dardanelle, Arkansas

I had a few thoughts on True Grit that I wanted to share. If you read my previous post on True Grit, it is clear that I loved the movie. I was pumped to see the movie got 10 Oscar nominations with five of the “big categories” including: Best Picture Best Direction Best Adapted Screenplay […]

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Arkansas topography, cropland and True Grit

True Grit, Cotton and Yell County, Arkansas

I just saw the 2010 remake of “True Grit.” I loved the movie! Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon and Haille Steinfeld were all incredible! And yes, watching one of this years hit movies, a western no less, made me get to blogging! Why? Well, if you’ve seen the movie you may be able to guess, but […]

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Rector, Arkansas Cotton Harvest 2010

Arkansas Cotton Harvest October 2010 — Friend’s Photo from Marshall Sigsby

Appreciate Marshall Sigsby giving me & another cotton tweep down our way — Jeremy Bullington from the University of Arkansas Extension Service a couple of harvest time shout outs. Seems like years ago we finished harvest — in record time I am happy to say! The photo below is of photo below is a beautiful field […]

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