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Remembering My Most Terrifying Travel Experience

Sometimes you get a prompt to tell a story and you suddenly realize that you remember more detail years later than you realized. That’s exactly what happened to me recently when I saw this question: What is the most terrifying experience you have had while travelling? My guess is a story like that prompts a lot […]

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What looks like a Christmas tree farm bearing the weight of much ice.

Traveling Through & Dealing with the Southeast’s Ice Storm

Sunday I was in Virginia Beach, VA for work and when I posted a photo of my beloved she-crab soup, my friend Lisa posted she was enjoying some a few hours south in Charleston. As I flew home Monday, snowflakes began flying and weather forecasts began sounding alarms. Lisa was continuing her tour going south […]

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If misery loves company, this winter is creating one hell of a community!

I’ve noticed something recently. Anytime someone talks about how cold it is, how much snow there is or whatever, it seems someone has to try and “one up” that statement with something worse they are dealing with. Using the energy to try and one up each other is a waste for me, I need that energy […]

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Touring Airports & Atlanta with Flat Stanley & Farmers

DATELINE: Memphis, Tennessee Airport (644 miles from home), flying to Atlanta, Georgia (327 air miles from Memphis) Hey Jake, You know how much I travel for work? Well, I had a great trip recently and got to take Flat Stanley along! It was so much fun traveling with him and I got some special opportunities […]

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Atlanta airport in snow & ice

Keeping Your Patience In Tact While Traveling

If someone were to ask me about top tips for traveling, my biggest one would be don’t sweat the small stuff when things go wrong. We’ve all seen the people gritting their teeth as they go along. A flight delay becomes reason to scowl. Weather issues &  turbulence make the teeth grip tighter. And a storm that […]

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Atlanta streets icy conditions

Southern Hospitality Leaves Me Smiling All Day

Monday was a day I think will stay with me a very long time. The Atlanta area was shut down. Although many of the farmers attending the Farm Bureau’s annual meeting are very familiar with snowy weather, the reality of a major difference in a Southern city was striking. The state of emergency even led […]

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Posting A Lot of Info to the Farm Bureau Blog

I  was thinking…. I’ve been doing a WHOLE LOTTA BLOGGING and some of you may have missed it! So, here are links to the blog posts I’ve written the last several days as a guest blogger during the American Farm Bureau Federation’s annual meeting.  There have been lots of new experiences since so I’m sure […]

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