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crowd supporting Clayton High School students

Top 15 Signs Responding to a Westboro Baptist Protest

Today the folks from Westboro Baptist Church (they call it a church, but I have to say it does not fit my understanding of that word) were protesting at a school in my community. They were spreading their hateful messages (there is a gay student alliance in Clayton) and I decided I wanted to go […]

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Fishing the Sea of Galilee (Israel) Wordless Wednesday

Last Wednesday I was cruising around Israel’s Sea of Galilee, a body of water I had heard about all my life through Sunday school and other church activities. It was a great day. the final steps of the boat ride included one of the guys on the boat asking if we’d like to see if […]

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Mediterranean Vacation Included Farm Visits

Mediterranean Vacation Included Farm Visits

I thought I may pull up some things from international agriculture experiences I’ve had. It’s a bit of a change of pace so I guess we’ll see whether folks like this one before I do a bunch more. One of my passions is travel and another is agriculture, cotton in particular, so it should be […]

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