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Wordless Wednesday -- Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments

Wordless Wednesday — Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments

Bucking the Wordless patterns to put a brief editor’s note:  My family has the tradition of putting handmade Christmas ornaments on our Christmas trees. I’ve got ornaments from my grandmom, mom, sisters, nieces & nephews, etc. The ornaments that make the most sense for this blog post though are ones that connect to agriculture. And […]

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Generations of Hands Working the Soil, Dirt or Clay

When you talk to farmers, the connections to their land and ancestors is almost always brought into the discussion. Images of their forefathers and foremothers using their hands or primitive tools to shape the land into something that would bear fruit. There is a pride in knowing your family’s heritage includes work that brings thing […]

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earthworm / soil health

Ever Get Worm Dirt for Christmas?

Have you ever gotten worm dirt as a gift?  Some of you may wonder what the hell that question is about…  I have to wonder if anyone (other than members of my family) answers yes!  Yes, my sister gave me a bag of worm dirt for Christmas. She did it & now I’ve said it. […]

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The 2009 Blizzard Through the Tweets of Two Farmers

The 2009 Blizzard Through the Tweets of Two Farmers

As the calendar clicked over to Christmas, I posted a blog entry on some of my thoughts about staying home for the holiday.  Staying home was like a dream because I travel a lot and while I LOVE travel, the change of pace sounded like a fantastic idea.  I took time to point out that […]

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Staying Home for the Holidays

Staying Home for the Holidays

I’m lucky enough to have multiple choice at the holidays usually.  The benefit of being single.  All the moms & kids seem to be driver.  I’m usually with family in one place or another although I sometimes also squeeze in vacation fun.  This year the decision was to stay put.  I love traveling to see […]

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