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Top 15 Things You Can Do to Survive Extreme Cold — Tips from a Panel of Experts

I still remember the advice I was given as I moved to Oklahoma for college. I was told to be sure I had a good coat. It wasn’t what you would think was brilliant advice, but as someone who had lived in a place where you make short moves from your warm car to a […]

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flannel sheets

Five Favorite Christmas Cotton Gifts From the Farm!

Christmas is a great time of the year and I have to say it has motivated me to blog several times. Last year, I wrote (and sang) the  “12 days of Cotton” and I’ve also written a post about the Top 12 Indisputable Facts About Santa Being a Cowboy or Farmer. And if you look on the list […]

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Ric Dragon

Ric Dragon’s Handmade Cotton Shirt is also a Talisman

The other day on Twitter, I saw a friend I met through #BlogChat — Ric Dragon (@RicDragon on Twitter) say he was worried about not meeting a 2013 goal he had set for himself. It was a goal around writing a certain number of blog posts and guest posts. All I could think was it […]

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the back of my Twitter shirt JP loves COTTON in symbols

#AgNerd T-Shirts That Grabbed My Eye in Kansas City #ACFC12

What was it that stood out during the AgChat Foundation‘s annual training conference? Well, there were lots of people to catch my eyes and lots of things to see and do, but it was the cotton t-shirts that folks had on that time and time made me snap a quick photo. I wouldn’t be surprised if […]

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One bale of cotton will make ___ pairs of Lee Jeans

How many pairs of jeans in a bale of cotton?, Lee Jeans Asks

I have “liked” lot of brand pages on Facebook and have to admit, some of them eventually get unliked or hidden cause they just don’t seem to get the kinds of things I’d be interested to see from a brand. But some friends saw the Lee Jeans page this week and knew they had to […]

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Cotton work clothes (tops and bottoms) keep me comfortable for any task.

If it feels good, wear it!

When I started the fabric of our lives series of guest posts, I thought about some of the people who could really help celebrate my favorite natural fiber. oddly, one of the names that came to mind is normally connected to sheep — my friend Sally Colby Scholle who lives in Pennsylvania & has sheep. […]

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cotton makes great work clothes

Paying More Attention to Cotton Clothing & Textile Labels

Earlier this week, I made a plea for guest posts…. I want to share the various stories about how cotton is the fabric of our lives. Those special moments and the day-to-day that include my favorite fiber. Good friend Val Wagner is the first to take me up on the offer! Val didn’t send her […]

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What’s this talk about natural fibers?

I love it when a short conversation inspires a blog post! I want to give a few thoughts to the ideas that my good friend Marie Bowers inspired recently with this tweet: @JPlovesCOTTON Hey what is the demand for cotton? — Marie Bowers (@MarieB41) January 31, 2012 My first reaction probably wasn’t what she was […]

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