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Fast Company Covers Cotton Farmer Larkin Martin's Use of GPS

Fast Company Covers Cotton Farmer Larkin Martin’s Use of GPS

Monday, out of the blue, a tweet popped up bringing to mind a friend and pointing to an article in Fast Company. The tweet was sent cause I make my love of cotton clear, and I’ve got a bit of a niche in Twitter but he couldn’t have known what he’d trigger. The article read […]

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Cotton as a Passion, Career Path & Personal Brand

Cotton as a Passion, Career Path & Personal Brand

While at the Ag Media Summit, it was interesting to be called by my Twitter ID so much of the time. Somehow it has just caught hold. And when I set up the blog, it seemed a natural fit. A year ago, at the AgMS there were probably less than a dozen tweeps there. This […]

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My Thoughts on "Cotton Fields" Back Home

My Thoughts on “Cotton Fields” Back Home

There are so many songs that talk about cotton… many I sing routinely and don’t think twice about. The blues is probably what comes to mind most. Some songs, I just can’t shake, even if I try and try. The one that I’ve heard over and over since childhood is called “Cotton Fields.” They say […]

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hundreds of miles from my house...

hundreds of miles from my house…

It will sound strange, but those of you who know me probably expect strange from me at times. I woke up yesterday and headed to the Memphis airport. Memphis where I was born & raised, attended grad school & am living now. It’s where I have family and fear friends. I love the river, the […]

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My Sister Will SO Call Me a Dork!

My Sister Will SO Call Me a Dork!

Okay, it’s Monday morning, I’m eating breakfast, checking some stuff on the web, watching the news — generally goofing off til I “go to work.”  And I saw something that got me pumped up.  And then I realized that most of my family would think this officially made me the biggest dork ever.  It was […]

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Irrigated vs dryland cotton (Sept 09)

Several weeks ago I was in Texas for a field day & some meetings.  Threw this video together quickly and figured now that I’ve started the blog, I may as well just post it here.  No reason I should expect folks to go find it on YouTube.  Anyway, if you don’t know how important water […]

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Crop circles on the High Plains

As I flew into Lubbock this week, I stared out the window.  No matter how many times I see the High Plains, I’m always taken by how different it is than the other places I visit.  In fact, I’d say it’s different than all the places I visit.  I love it.  I was also lovin […]

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