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cotton field

Cotton – Maybe My Last Photos of a Harvest Ready Field in 2012 (Day 6)

I love seeing a cotton field near harvest time and I’m afraid this may be the last set of photos I get to capture this year during picking time. Late in the afternoon and into the early evening there is a kind of light that grabs my attention and makes me hit the brakes no […]

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Granddaddy with his bowling team

Bowling Is A Family Tradition I Never Quite Got, But Maybe I Could (Day 4)

I’m not sure how I became one of the unbowlers of the universe, but it happened. And in some ways, it makes me a bit of a black sheep of the family. I grew up in a bowling family. My granddad was especially tied to the sport. This photo of his bowling team is one […]

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Highway 61 - the catfish highway?

A Highway 61 Adventure I’ll Never Forget! Catfish are Jumping! (Day 5)

The other day as I finally met Miss Dazey in real life, we got to telling stories. Her husband Mr. Bruce used to be in the trucking business and he prompted me to remember something. I hadn’t thought of this in a while, and we had some laughs as I told it so I hope […]

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voting -- line for the polls

Your Vote — I Want to Tell You How to Cast It In Tuesday’s Big Election (Day 3)

I’ve seen lots of tweets, Facebook statuses and blog posts of people telling those in their circles how to vote. Some of the things I’ve seen suggest: One candidate is the only option for a certain office if you care about this or that. If you are intelligent, you simply must vote for this person. […]

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Jersey Shore visit in the 90s

A Week of Being in a New York State of Mind Thanks to Hurricane Sandy (Day 2)

A week ago, I was hoping the Weather Channel and all the others had the models wrong. As I saw maps projecting that Hurricane Sandy could hit Washington or New York, I just had to hope it didn’t. Surely weather patterns could change and let it stay out to sea. Yeah, I’m a dreamer. But […]

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November blogging adventure

Inspired to Write a Blog Post a Day this Month — 30 Days of jp? (Day 1)

I have been distracted from blogging recently and need something to get my but into gear. That’s what I was thinking this week when I saw Holly Spangler set a stake in the ground to write a blog post everyday for the month of November. As I was thinking it through, I was nudged as Katie […]

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