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Levi Strauss jeans history

The Day Blue Jeans Were Born — Celebrating Levi Strauss & Denim

I was just scanning through some things and saw this bit of history from Cotton Inc: On May 20, 1873, an American icon was born when Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis were given a patent for their copper rivet fasteners for denim trousers. The blue jean has since secured its place in American culture and […]

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Cotton is life in Texas

Cotton Is Life in Texas — Cotton Farmers Tell Their Story VIDEO

Saw this video floating around and have to admit, it left me wordless. I see a few familiar faces (after all the cotton industry is pretty small). But somehow, I didn’t know anything about this video til this week! And it was shown at a meeting SIX MONTHS AGO! Great video that shows cotton from […]

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One bale of cotton will make ___ pairs of Lee Jeans

How many pairs of jeans in a bale of cotton?, Lee Jeans Asks

I have “liked” lot of brand pages on Facebook and have to admit, some of them eventually get unliked or hidden cause they just don’t seem to get the kinds of things I’d be interested to see from a brand. But some friends saw the Lee Jeans page this week and knew they had to […]

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Cotton work clothes (tops and bottoms) keep me comfortable for any task.

If it feels good, wear it!

When I started the fabric of our lives series of guest posts, I thought about some of the people who could really help celebrate my favorite natural fiber. oddly, one of the names that came to mind is normally connected to sheep — my friend Sally Colby Scholle who lives in Pennsylvania & has sheep. […]

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Making Old Blue Jeans Green — Recycling for Warmth

Cotton clothing — denim ones like old jeans — can be recycled, not only keeping them out of landfill but also offering a means of energy-efficient insulation for homes. Several companies are encouraging the environmentally practice.

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