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the feeling of cotton

If asked, what does cotton feel like? How would you answer?

Sometimes the questions that get asked leave me to pause and ponder. That’s exactly what happened when someone on Quora requested my answer to the question, what does cotton feel like? When I first saw it, I thought it was a bit absurd to ask. Then again, I routinely quote Cotton Inc on “the touch the feel […]

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Cotton is the Fabric of Lacey's Life

The Small Joys of Cotton

I love finding new bloggers and really love it when one of them finds me and connects! That’s what happened a few weeks ago when an Arkansas woman subscribed to my blog. I looked at her blog and thought “Wow. She seems like so many people I know!” Since then comments and emails have gone […]

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How Cool Would it be if Cotton Could Repel Water and Sun?

How Cool Would it be if Cotton Could Repel Water and Sun?

I read this article on Discovery News a while back and meant to get the blog post up ASAP but it seems it ended up filed away for too long. The article speaks to one of a host of research efforts that would enable people to purchase cotton clothes with different properties than are innate […]

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