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Are we killing our own enthusiasm for social media?

Are we killing our own enthusiasm for social media?

As I was getting to work Tuesday morning, I happened on this Google+ post by Mack Collier: I had noticed the same thing about people making radical changes in their social media use. I don’t mean the “social media gurus” though I’ve seen shifts there but I mean with my peers, regular people who are […]

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My Initial Thoughts on Google+ After the Hype, the Expectation and Questions

A week when Google announces it has a new social media platform — Google+ — makes for all sorts of upheaval in a world as heavily social media laden as the one I live in. This week I have seen and heard it all! Here are just a few of the things I’ve heard from […]

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How Farmville Makes More Money than Facebook or Real Farmers

Saw Facebook credits cards at Target and it made me think about how the fine folks at Farmville (Zynga) are making so much money. As someone who works with farmers, here are some of those thoughts.

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