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thankful for precious memories spurred through Christmas ornaments

Thankful for the Many Memories that Christmas Ornaments Conjure Up

Last year, I never got around to putting up my Christmas tree. I had that long vacation visiting friends in Oregon & California and a bunch of other things going on, and just never found time. It has happened before, last year the only decorations I got out was the nativity set that I got […]

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Thankful for Travel and the Independence & Connectivity It Offers

With the frequency with which I find myself hitting airports and highways for trips, I am sure lots of people were betting I would be thankful for travel and that it would have a spot in my posts of thanks. Well, I certainly am but I am not sure people would anticipate why I am […]

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Thankful for Such a Great Family!

Saying my 30 days of thanks…. I keep looking up from my desk and seeing family photos. So for a Wordless Wednesday type of post, here are some photos that will show you how lucky I am! We try to get together as often as we can. We us scattered out across several states, that […]

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run faster

My Christmastime Visit Turns Baby Cousin into a Running Model :)

Last week, I finally met one of my youngest cousins. She wasn’t sure about me, insisting she was shy until she realized I was willing to play with her and my camera. And that’s when her true personality came out. Love the variety of expressions!            

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The Texas Holmes' in the early 70s

Great Advice About Doing Things Naturally

Several people know that in the past few weeks, I have been thinking about my Texas family much more. One day, everything in my world was cruising along….. And the next, I started getting frequent messages about my Uncle Larry Holmes from my cousin. At first I have to say, it sounded worrisome but I […]

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Troy & Stacy Hadrick

Weaning Calves on the Hadricks’ South Dakota Ranch VIDEO

I’ve been wondering how I would find a way to get to Troy & Stacy Hadrick’s place on the prairie for years. I met Troy on Twitter forever ago and started catching him as a variety of meetings here & there almost three years ago. Hearing his stories and meeting Stacy a bit later, I […]

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Understanding the Bar Mitzvah Tradition By Experience

Frequently, people are surprised by the diversity of people I call friends and the experiences that come with that. Recently I had an experience that I now realize isn’t necessarily a common one for everyone. I attended the bar mitzvah of a dear friend of the family. This is the third time I’ve gone to Temple […]

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three generations dying Easter eggs together

Top 10 Ways My Mom Totally Rocks (a post of great prejudice) :)

Its Mothers Day and I could go any of several directions with a post about my mom. I could go totally sappy with the kinds of things she’s done to make me and my brother & sisters better people, I could crack jokes about how she’s put up with us for decades and how she […]

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