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Nutbush, Tennessee cotton gin

Tennessee Cotton Photos from Friends

Last week I was busily going about things & checked in on Twitter and somehow, almost miraculously I caught two tweets about Tennessee cotton. It was awesome! First came this one from Shane Kinne with the photo at right. https://twitter.com/S_Kinne/statuses/67708533143126017 Shane was down to learn about a cotton gin and although some may wonder what can […]

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I Miss the Levee Drives

Life along the river is something that in many ways helps define my life. With the exception of my four years in Oklahoma, I’ve been within a few minutes of a major river. Of course the Mississippi has been the biggest part of that and hence the levee memories. But I also really enjoyed the […]

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Carnivore? Omnivore? Herbivore? A Food Poll of a Different Sort

The idea for this poll came to me because of a rather poignant comment by a reader. The comment, like so many other things I’ve read and heard in the past year, gave me reason to pause and consider things a bit differently. I have always loved meat. And while I’ve pointed out my granddad […]

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Cotton as a Passion, Career Path & Personal Brand

While at the Ag Media Summit, it was interesting to be called by my Twitter ID so much of the time. Somehow it has just caught hold. And when I set up the blog, it seemed a natural fit. A year ago, at the AgMS there were probably less than a dozen tweeps there. This […]

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Getting My Bearings on The Philippines Central Plains

Another post in my series on Philippine agriculture — this one includes the basics of the Central Plains. As I mentioned before, the host for part of my vacation owns a seed company in The Philippines.  We were excited to be going to a field day his company was hosting.  I didn’t know what the […]

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The final week of voting… and #AgChat is winning! Are You?

Next Sunday, December 13th is a day that holds a lot of space in my head.  It’s the day that my parents got married. They got married on a Friday.  Yes, Friday the 13th.  You may think that’s an omen and people certainly did not welcome that date all those decades ago…  but my folks […]

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Started learning before I even got on the plane! #NAILE #moo #beef

As I said, I’m making this learning vacation trip to NAILE… And while I have learned a bit from tweeps & tweets the last few days, I’m excited to finally be on my way! Right now, I’m tapping this from 30,000 feet or so – we haven’t made it far out of Memphis. I wanted […]

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Soil conservation winner on the farm & in 4H!

I continue to be amazed at the impact some time on a farm can do — for kids AND grownups!  Tonight a friend I grew up spending parts of my summers with left me another point of evidence to this fact.  She simply said “I thought of you today, when my son, David, won First […]

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