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BB king

Why The Loss of BB King Feels So Personal

There are  times when you feel so totally connected to someone and whether you have the social license for them to actually know that, the reality for you is you share a lot with that person through routine interactions. It is something we see play out in social media time and time again, but before […]

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our flight home

The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift for Both Her & Me!

Every year as Mother’s Day approaches, there is that pondering of gifts we all go through. It isn’t that we really think buying our moms something is what they want, but we all want to show our moms how incredibly special they are to us. That’s why I was so happy to have a good […]

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walker farms planting corn

Teaching the Next Generation on Walker & Wilson Farms (Farm A to Z)

I love thinking about kids and farms… and today’s post talks about some of the things two farms are doing to cultivate the future alongside the crops they cultivate. Bob Walker / Walker Farms The farm outside of Memphis that is a homebase of sorts for me, it is Bob Walker’s farm! His wife Marjory […]

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Vineyard in Fall -- The Farmed Life

Passion is Clear with The Deere Milkmaid & The Farmed Life (Farms A to Z)

You may want to refresh that cup of coffee before you sit down to read today’s post for the letter T in the farms A to Z cause today there is a lot to take in. Part of it seems to be a true excitement to share what’s happening with farms in the northeast. Jenni Tilton-Flood […]

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Things You Should Know About Ranching in Montana & Ray-Lin Dairy (Farm A to Z)

The letter R brings us to two dear friends who have really helped me learn a lot about agriculture in the past few years. Such an honor to have them on the blog for this farm a to z. Ryan Goodman / Ranching in Montana The words “ranching in Montana” have a mystique to them […]

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Daniel & Suzie Wilde at harvest - Copy

Growing Cotton in Texas & Producing Beef in Montana (Farm A to Z)

This is one of those posts that helps me think about the incredible range of farmers — Suzie Wilde met her farmer in the Chihuahan Desert and hasn’t looked back and Justine Kougl and her husband have been ranching in South Dakota but the recently decided to expand into Montana! Having been to both of those […]

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Me and a Bull Named Sue!

WTHF? Checking Out Heim Dairy, Haley & Helms Farms (Farm A to Z)

Being a bit silly with that headline… what the H farms though is what we are talking about, several farms that have an H central to the farm name. The latest in the farm A to Z challenge.  Today’s post highlights several farms, including a couple I visited in the past year but hadn’t gotten […]

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Jillian & Jared when they got engaged

Growing Cotton, Peanuts & More at Etress Farms in Cottonwood (Farm A to Z)

I went back and forth on whether I would write this post or get friends to…. Jared and Jillian Etress are young farmers who I met while they were in college dating. I remember when Jared planted his first cotton crop and I am still amazed he would trust me to help him gather information! […]

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