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My 50th Birthday was So Memorable! Helicopter VIDEO

As you may have seen yesterday, I traveled to my 50th state — Utah! — to celebrate my 50th birthday. Sure that is a lot of celebration, but I decided to take it up another notch — you know, go big or go home. I decided to do a helicopter tour of Bryce Canyon National Park […]

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Utah sunset

Visiting All 50 States by the Time I am 50! DONE!

I don’t remember my parents at the age of 50 exactly, but I do remember thinking 50 sounded really old for a long time. It no longer sounds that old and that has been shifting over the years but today I am turning 50. That almost feels like someone is pranking me! A milestone like […]

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A Heart-Stopping Midnight Visit to Denny’s

Those early days of independence, when you have gotten your driver’s license and finally can stay out a bit give teenagers a rush. I remember the first time I was allowed to stay out to midnight while driving. There were lots of extenuating circumstances. I was 16 and had been pretty responsible. Our church was […]

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Memories of Antalya, Turkey Thanks to the G-20

This week as Paris has been on the minds of so many, I have to admit my mind kept shifting to a city many miles away. It was referenced routinely as world leaders would be gathering for the G-20 summit. The city is Antalya, Turkey. The fact that the attacks in Paris happened to be […]

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A Tour or Two… Maybe Half a Dozen Tours of Graceland

Growing up in Memphis, there are always Elvis stories going around. The stores and movie theaters he’d patronize, the fact that he gave some stranger a care, etc. My mom and uncle were at Humes High School at the same time Elvis was. And my favorite pizzeria had paintings of him all over. I never […]

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Checking Out Seattle with My Niece

Georgia was the first niece to turn 16, so she was the first to take her 16th birthday trip with me. It has been a long time ago…. both of us are a lot older! At 16, able to choose where we go for a full week and what we do… that was a big responsibility. […]

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great wall of china

My Visit to the Great Wall of China

This time of year as fall leaves crunch under our feet and we have cool mornings and warm afternoons, I’m reminded of a short visit I made to China and the tiny bit of nature I caught when a friend and I left the city to see the Great Wall of China. The landmark is […]

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old car AM radio

Country Music on an AM Radio

Earlier this week I mentioned that my dad got a Nash Rambler when I was in junior high school, well throughout my life, dad listened to country music on AM radio. While I always liked folk, bluegrass and Americana, old school country like my dad liked… that wasn’t anything teenagers listened to in my world. […]

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