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25 Years of Love, A Month of Marriage, My View of Gay Marriage

The discussion about gay marriage has been a long time coming. This summer has raised it to new levels and the Supreme Court decision in Obergfell v. Hodges was a shifting point for so many. Since then we have seen increased polarization of the discussion of the topic in several circles. I’ve seen people I love and […]

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quote from Malala

Review: “He Named Me Malala”

This summer as many of us were thinking about the change that Jon Stewart’s leaving “The Daily Show” would have on infotainment, I had a chance to get a lot of insight into one of the regular guests on his show — the Pakistani girl named Malala Yousafzai who has become a global champion for girl’s […]

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How Lee Jeans Won My Heart & Hips

I have always had a passion for denim. I can still remember my first pair of Toughskins — they were green with those reinforced knees. I wanted to wear them a lot more often than the hand-me-downs I would get from my sister. Through the junior high and high school years, jeans played a big […]

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roadtrip perfect car

Tips for Planning a Big Roadtrip

Some of you may remember I have a great love of roadtrips…. especially ones where I can see friends and unique sights along the way. There are lots of roadtrips that get you places on the weekends — I need to do a few more of those too! But it seems that more extended versions […]

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balloon drama

A Q&A About Hot Air Balloon Rides

As I’ve shared photos and a few stories about hot air balloon rides, I’ve also gotten a few questions here and there. I thought doing a short Q&A post may be helpful since some of the questions are quick details that didn’t necessarily fit in the other posts about my overcoming my fear of heights […]

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Turkish ballooning over fairy chimneys

You Can Learn A Lot from a Hot Air Balloon Ride (Video)

It has taken me longer to tell my tales of my Turkish vacation than I intended but I have to admit, ding this post now was probably just what I needed! I wrote a post about my uncertainty about doing a hot air balloon ride but I want to assure you that it was a truly amazing […]

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cotton picker on the farm

How has cotton been genetically modified?

Recently I saw one of those questions pop up on Quora that made me stop in my tracks as I thought about the various things I had learned from cotton breeders and other experts over the years. The question “How has cotton been genetically modified?” already had two short answers but I knew I would go […]

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Celebrating a Turkish Wedding (VIDEO)

As I mentioned in a couple of the other posts about my vacation to Turkey, one of the catalysts for going was that a friend was getting married. I had said years ago I would come to his wedding and when he mentioned last summer he would be getting married this summer, well, I loved […]

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