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Michelle Tucker, Katie Pinke & Val Wagner

The Friends & Faces of my #140conf Small Town Experience

I know that I am going to post too much about the #140conf small town. Afterall, I have already posted on it multiple times (accepted to speak, pumped about it coming soon, the cool space night….) and there will be more. But I wanted to explain why I am so excited over something like this […]

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Cotton Country Believes — T-Shirts Supporting Cancer Research

A little while ago, I got an email from my friend (& loyal blog subscriber) Lisa Dry letting me know about something going on in her hometown that she thought I’d be interested in. She was right! The email was really short and mentioned that Lila Jackson, a cotton farmer’s wife, was working with a […]

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White Dog Brewery

A Weekend’s Work at a Microbrewery — White Dog Beer in Guiglia, Italy

The other night, I went to a local brewpub with friends in California. It made me remember a unique opportunity I had during my last trip to Italy. My friends Kelly & Steve have a microbrewery and they needed a hand — we spent a good part of the weekend sterilizing bottles, bottling beer, labeling […]

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Rice Farming Year in Photos -- Downloadable 2012 Calendar

Rice Farming Year in Photos — Downloadable 2012 Calendar

Did you know that September is National Rice Month? Well I was reminded when I got an email about a Delta high school student, Kevin Muzzi, who is teaching first and second grade kids about rice production. You see, Kevin’s family farms rice in Bolivar County, Mississippi, a place I called home for more than […]

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How to be an Astronaut in Hutchinson, Kansas (or at Least Connect to them)

How to be an Astronaut in Hutchinson, Kansas (or at Least Connect to them)

I know. That headline makes you think I’ve lost my mind. I’ve been to Cape Canaveral and seen the space center there. It blew me away. I’ve been to Huntsville, AL. Very cool. I even got giddy last spring when I realized I could see the space shuttle miles away. But Hutchinson, Kansas really brought […]

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Drought Leads to Desperation on a Small Texas Farm

Drought Leads to Desperation on a Small Texas Farm

As I wrote the headline for this post, I wondered if people would think I was overstating things but as I reread the prompter for this post, I feel certain the person who contacted me truly is desperate for good ideas. She was searching the internet for help and found my blog post on how […]

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cotton boll close up

Cotton 101: Facts about Cotton — The Crop & Products

My friend Jasper Cunningham tweeted me one day asking me if I had some cotton facts on my blog. He seemed to enjoy several of the posts in my Cotton 101 series, especially the cotton dictionary, but I realized some quick and easy facts about cotton may be of interest too. Type of Plant Cotton […]

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Nameless Wednesday aka Name that Chicken!

Two weeks ago, when I dropped by the Nashville Farmers Market and bought a big old metal chicken, I had no idea that I was joining a cultural phenomenon. See I hadn’t read the Bloggess’ series of posts on her metal chicken. But as soon as I had shared a photo of my new quirky […]

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