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cotton picker in the field

A Working Cotton Dictionary (Words Cotton Folks Use that May Confuse Others)

aka Vocabulary the Way I’ve Heard Cotton Farmers & Other Experts Use It & How It Can Be Misunderstood If the title and subhead don’t point out this is not an academic endeavor, then let me say it outright. THIS IS NO ACADEMIC DICTIONARY ON COTTON. This is just a simple compilation of words that […]

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Dick & Tish flank friends from Congo days

Global & Local Viewpoints on the World & Civil Rights

I had a chance to catch up with my friend Kelly’s parents recently. Kelly & I became fast friends in college and made more than a few trips to visit her family while we were in school. This small school Phillips University (Enid, OK) helped me meet people from all over…. and although Kelly’s parents […]

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Why do they call the Dead Sea the “dead” sea? What makes it unique?

The Jordan River goes down from the Sea of Galilee to the Dead Sea. It seems to take all the salts in the earth along with it and has for so long according to our guide. And since the Dead Sea has no tributaries leading out of the body of water, the deposits all end […]

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child with a goat

Put My Nine-Year-Old Niece to Work During Summer Vacation!

Summer vacation. The very idea of having months off without having to be in the same old routine that happens the rest of the year…. well, that sounds amazing. My nieces and nephews are enjoying the time out of the classroom, but we are lucky enough that they find way to keep their minds & […]

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What Grows in Israel’s West Bank?

Recently, I wrote a blog post about the great agricultural production regions in central & northern Israel, we left those places and headed south along the eastern edge of the country along the Jordan River. The landscape changed dramatically as we went south. We were lucky to have a guide had pointed out that the […]

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cotton in drought

Cotton 101: Early Season Weather Problems in Mid-South Cotton

As I drove up to St. Louis last Sunday, I noticed some field work being done. Some planters running. My guess is the crop going in the ground was soybeans as we are getting too late for cotton and definitely too late for corn in Arkansas & West Tennessee. I noticed the sandbags that have […]

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12 ways Santa is like a farmer

Top 12 Indisputable Facts About Santa Being a Cowboy or Farmer

I was having a short conversation with Anna Lisa Giannini that was about something really important — it was all about the boot mug I got one day as friends and I got together for coffee (chai for me). She said coffee tastes better in a Christmas coffee mug. I said something about how drinking […]

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