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cotton picker on the farm

How has cotton been genetically modified?

Recently I saw one of those questions pop up on Quora that made me stop in my tracks as I thought about the various things I had learned from cotton breeders and other experts over the years. The question “How has cotton been genetically modified?” already had two short answers but I knew I would go […]

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Monsanto is evil, what does that say about me?

If Monsanto is evil, what’s that say about me? About dialogue?

I started this blog in 2009 and it didn’t take long before I ended up writing about where I work. It wasn’t part of my plan. I mean this is just my personal blog. A place where I share whatever is running through my head and heart. So occasionally, work is on my mind, even […]

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Shared through Creative Commons thanks to IRRI Images

My Personal Thoughts on Golden Rice & Recent Vandalism

In the past week I have heard far more about Golden Rice than I had imagined I would. I first read of the vandalism of a test plot of Golden Rice in the most ironic of ways… I saw the news of it tweeted by Toby Bruce, one of the researchers at Rothamsted. Sorry to […]

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Julie from sleuth4health & Janice Person

My Biotech Weekend — I Met Julie from Sleuth 4 Health

I thought some of you would enjoy seeing this post from Julie at Sleuth for Health talking about how we met up this weekend.  Her post is titled My Biotech Weekend and begins by recounting how I sent her an email some time ago. A while back I received an email from Janice Person, the Monsanto social media gal […]

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tractor getting ready to plant

S is for Seed — It All Starts with a Seed

My part of agriculture is crops even if I’ve been learning more about livestock in the past few years. And crops tend to start with the seed (I say tend because there are a few like olives that work off cuttings). Seed is probably the most critical decision a farmer or gardener makes in a […]

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GMO sweet corn

G is for GMOs — What are GMOs & Why Do Farmers Plant GMO Crops?

I wasn’t sure I would want to tackle GMOs with a post, but another blogger who’s doing the A to Z Challenge (Sydney Katt of authorSydneyKatt.com) said she didn’t know much about agriculture and would appreciate knowing more. The comment reads: So I’ll provide my thoughts on GMOs (and a reminder that I write content […]

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GMO cotton harvest in Texas

Why would a farmer plant GMO cotton?

People frequently ask me why cotton farmers do this or that. One of the most common questions is about GMO cotton, or why they would plant a cotton variety that has been genetically modified in one way or another. I have talked about the choice in bits and pieces, but I think this post by […]

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Kevin Folta, University of Florida

“Talk Nerdy to Me” About GMO Food & Science (VIDEO)

For the past week, I’ve gotten daily emails about a single post on the web — Huffington Post has a “Talk Nerdy to Me” series of videos that cover all sorts of science topics. The most recent one is talking nerdy about GMOs (genetically modified organisms or biotech if you prefer). And since I work […]

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