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My red hair through the years

Thankful to Be A Redhead! You Can Call Me a Ginger Too If You Like :)

For people who know me, it will come as no surprise. Having red hair HAD to be a part of my 30 days of thanks series! I mean, it is a huge part of who I am, it is something that has led me to stand out in the crowd, whether I wanted that or […]

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My Personal Health Journey

This week I heard quite a few people talk about their own personal health journeys at the 140 You Conference. It was empowering to hear what motivated various people, what challenges they had, etc. With that in mind, I thought I would share more of my personal health journey. I have to think I am […]

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CrossFit 70 in Wentzville, MO

Trying Out CrossFit For a Change of Pace With Fitness

It feels like my New Year’s resolution to get healthier was forever ago at times and at other times I feel like such a newbie at this getting in shape thing. Today is one of those days where I felt both at the same time! Today I went out to CrossFit Seventy in Wentzville, Missouri to […]

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Deer disease issue

Z is for Zoonoses — Zoonoses Isn’t Something Farmers Can Laugh About

The word zoonoses…. seeing that on my screen makes me wonder how many of us giggle at the idea of zoo noses. You know, like an elephant’s trunk or the orangutan’s smooshed up nose? But zoonoses doesn’t have a space and it is a really serious topic for livestock farmers and ranchers. The World Health […]

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bar at Vino Nadoz

Great Lunch Meetup at Nadoz & Vino Nadoz

The St. Louis Bloggers Group (#STLBloggers) had a Sunday meetup this week and the great foks at Nadoz Cafe and Vino Nadoz Wine Bar hosted us in great style! (Note the pronunciation is like the final syllables of Coronado’s since their other restaurant is in Hotel Coronado.) Thanks to Lindsay Williams Itzkowitz from Itz Linz for getting the […]

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What can be done about the obesity crisis?

This was in my Google+ stream this morning as I flipped around social media. I looked at the post, especially Mike Elgan’s question “What can be done about the obesity crisis?” and the photo and got to thinking. I have to say some of the comments…. I could see some have thought about it before […]

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airline pretzels & a water bottle

Mindfulness in Food May Be What We Need

I can remember friends saying they were carb-loading for a big race. They wanted that energy that can sustain you for a long run or whatever. Pasta, cereal, etc were the way to go. Compare that to the foods we were generally eating at the time. Breakfast was cereal at times, eggs and bacon others, […]

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Weight Loss Tools I’m Using Includes @FitBit

I know a lot of bloggers get freebies sent their way to write up reviews and all but since this is a weekend past-time, I seem to miss out on most of those things. I do however, end up now and then wanting to post about a product I’ve used and found helpful. So what […]

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