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quilt of family history

Wrapping Up in History, Family & Cotton

I love hearing people tell their stories about how cotton makes them feel, so much so I have welcomed a series of posts on the topic. It isn’t the factual pieces I write like what a cotton plant looks like as much how warm it makes hearts as well as bodies. There have been several […]

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downtown Volgograd - Copy

Top 15 Things About My Trip to Volgograd

My flashbacks to my first big trip are showing up here a lot — I posted about traveling in the Soviet Union and Volgograd was my first time to travel outside the U.S.  And while that may seem to cover it for some, there were so many unique things that I had the chance to experience, that I […]

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lake early in the morning srong horizontal

Thankful for an INCREDIBLE Thanksgiving Weekend!

I know my 30 days of thanks posts were to have ended yesterday, but I was traveling the last several days and had such crummy wireless service that it was really easy to stay offline for the most part (though if you look at my instagram stream you will see I had to share photos!) […]

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Road Paving in the 1930s

Instead of Country Roads, They Could Have Been Cotton Roads?

With the guest post series, I had no idea how diverse some of the posts would become and have to admit that Kevin surprised me when he sent me a post he published on the Cotton Boll Conspiracy and asked if I’d like to repost it for his submission. Kevin’s goal has been first and foremost to […]

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JPlovesCOTTON explains screenname Audio from the 140 conference

Cotton, Kansas, & Coca-Cola: Results of Sharing My Passions

When you wear your passion on your sleeve (or in your Twitter handle like @JPlovesCOTTON) it is really easy for other people to share that passion. This was part of the presentation I gave during the 140 character small town conference (140conf) that I’ve talked so much about. But I really hadn’t talked about what I was […]

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Brent Boersma

VIDEO: History of a Family Farm, Growing Almonds at @4GFarms

Although I previously posted some photos I took the morning I visited Brent & Brooke Boersma on their family’s almond farm, I was holding out on you guys. I apologize for it. And I didn’t even realize I had held onto this so long til I looked for the video. Yes, once again, I’m getting […]

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photograph with the Blue Mosque

Do you ever get travelsick? I do! I get it really bad at times!

This week I saw a photo a friend posted. Nice picture of his wife. The friend I’ve known since third grade. She was smiling while having a grownup dinner (with three kids, including two with special needs, this isn’t as common as my friends deserve, but it surely is enjoyed when it happens. The intriguing […]

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The Memphis Flood of 2011 Through the Eyes of a Child — My Nine Year Old Niece Learns Life Lessons about the Mississippi River

Saturday, as I headed east toward Midtown, my nine year old niece was riding in the back seat. (Tip — it seems having the top down in nice weather neutralizes a kids desire to sit up front cause I don’t let her just yet.) We were talking about the day. She had been to a […]

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