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Ugly Vines Bringing Beauty to My Yard, An Ode to Milkweed

Have you ever had vines that get started and just can’t stop? They go places you don’t want them to be and claim things you want left alone. Every summer, the vines in my yard get a bit bolder. Every year I think about what to do about it…. I could rip them up and […]

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St Louis skyline panorama from the Arch

Thankful that I Have Two Great Cities to Call Home — Memphis and St. Louis!

For at least half of my life, I have been a person with more than one place that I called home….. while it may seem weird to some people, to me, that is a great reason to be thankful! Not because it has meant spending half of my life away from the hometown for generations […]

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bar at Vino Nadoz

Great Lunch Meetup at Nadoz & Vino Nadoz

The St. Louis Bloggers Group (#STLBloggers) had a Sunday meetup this week and the great foks at Nadoz Cafe and Vino Nadoz Wine Bar hosted us in great style! (Note the pronunciation is like the final syllables of Coronado’s since their other restaurant is in Hotel Coronado.) Thanks to Lindsay Williams Itzkowitz from Itz Linz for getting the […]

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where does horseradish come from?

Where does your horseradish come from? Maybe a Missouri farm!

A few weeks ago, I stopped by a farm in southeastern Missouri (the Missouri Bootheel) to meet someone I had only talked to online and in the process got to see a crop I had no idea was grown nearby. And I have to admit, its a crop I hadn’t even thought about being grown […]

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a small bright orange pumpkin

The Volunteer is a Pumpkin Plant! The Great Pumpkin is Here!

Recently, I posted photos of a mystery plant taking over my flower bed and asked if folks knew whether it was squash, pumpkin or something else, well, the jury is in! I HAVE one orange pumpkin and one green pumpkin out there! I grabbed my first photos of the pumpkins this weekend as I celebrated […]

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tomato plants and oregano in the garden

Raised Bed Gardening: I Graduated from Containers This Year

fresh basil container garden I’ve finally done it. I graduated from doing herbs and things on the deck to a raised bed. Yes, I still have containers on the deck, but I’m also taking advantage of having a raised bed. Let’s hope I get to eat more from it than the rabbit I see so […]

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three generations dying Easter eggs together

Top 10 Ways My Mom Totally Rocks (a post of great prejudice) :)

Its Mothers Day and I could go any of several directions with a post about my mom. I could go totally sappy with the kinds of things she’s done to make me and my brother & sisters better people, I could crack jokes about how she’s put up with us for decades and how she […]

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Help Five Kids From Kansas Honor Their Fantastic Mom

This Sunday is Mother Day and all across America, kids are looking for that perfect way to say thanks to moms for all the work they do at home and away from the house. The America’s Farmers Farm Mom of the Year program began in 2010 to honor some of the women who make agriculture so […]

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