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Checking Out Seattle with My Niece

Georgia was the first niece to turn 16, so she was the first to take her 16th birthday trip with me. It has been a long time ago…. both of us are a lot older! At 16, able to choose where we go for a full week and what we do… that was a big responsibility. […]

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Georgia & me

That Time I Got Called a PANK

This memory isn’t from too long ago, but it is really memorable and it is connected to a memory from a long time ago…. I have shifted back and forth on whether to do this chronologically or based on the title. I think I’m going with the calendar. You’ll find out why I’d be called […]

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Third Row from the Back on the Left Where Dentyne is Found

When I said a week ago that I’d do a series of posts about my memories and stories, I asked if people had something they thought needed to be shared. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but up came a nudge from my cousin Lisa. Growing up, Lisa was my closest cousin even though at […]

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carnegie hall

Unable to Catch My Breath at Carnegie Hall

It seems like a long time since I lived in New York sometimes, others it seems like just yesterday. Getting back to New York a few times this year, I’ve had a few chances to stumble into memories. I was surprised to have a cab let a colleague and I out across the street from […]

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trampoline lessons

An After-School Class in Trampoline?

These days when I talk with friends, I frequently find out that they are running all sorts of directions with after-school activities. There are full slates of sports — baseball, football, hockey, soccer and more. There are also all the arts and languages — piano, painting, Japanese school, and seemingly millions more. But I rarely […]

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dinner with friends yakiniku

My First Trip to Japan & Food Thoughts — Itadakimasu!

Hard to believe my first trip to Japan was more than 20 years ago. That trip was one that I had to plan for quite a while…. in those early days of paying back student loans and living in New York, I really didn’t have much “disposable income.” In fact, I don’t know that I […]

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Ambien induced blur

I Had to Out Think Ambien At Least Once

Recently a cousin told a story on herself and as soon as I had a good laugh going, I admitted I had a tale of similar laughter that I would have to fess up to eventually. And while I am totally willing to tell the story now, I have to admit, I may have some […]

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1970s halloween

Remembering 1970s Halloween Celebrations

Halloween is definitely a holiday that has a permanent home in the memories of American kids. I’m not sure how many of us remember a specific costume or a specific party, but the holiday itself…. that was something that caught our imaginations for weeks if not months in advance. Everyone discussed costume ideas or whether this […]

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