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BB king

Why The Loss of BB King Feels So Personal

There are  times when you feel so totally connected to someone and whether you have the social license for them to actually know that, the reality for you is you share a lot with that person through routine interactions. It is something we see play out in social media time and time again, but before […]

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sony discman

If the iPod Classic is Old School, What’s the Discman?

This week as I was settling into a Southwest flight to Washington D.C., I got on early enough to nab the aisle seat in an exit row. With as much as I travel, I have a routine that I go through when I get on a flight and I started going through that. I was […]

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Peterson Farm Bros Chore

I Wanna See You Roar? Nope! I Wanna See Farmers Chore! Music VIDEO

Thought this would make a perfect Wordless Wednesday post! Check out the Peterson Farm Bros new video…. Love their senses of humor! Hope they don’t mind me capturing a screenshot so I have a thumbnail on this when it gets shared on Facebook, etc.! And I swear when I watch this, I think to myself that […]

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Thankful for Music — Acoustic, Rock or Country — I Love Lots of It!

I have expressed my love of music on my blog before, but there is a difference in simply saying you love it and truly being thankful for something. For me, I a truly thankful for music for several reasons and that’s what rates a mention here in my 30 days of thanks series. There is […]

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the royal train

Spending the Day at Windsor Castle & Catching a Concert There at Night!

In December my sister and I had a chance for a girl’s trip to England. One day while she was at work, I spent the afternoon at Windsor Castle, the weekend home Queen Elizabeth visits so often. When I arrived in town I asked a tour officer what all I should take in and it […]

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Richard Bailey of the SteelDrivers & me

Top Music Experiences and New Music Downloads

Music is a huge part of my life. I have never been what anyone would call a musician (I am sure that lawsuits would be filed if playing flute in junior high school qualified). But I think most of my family and friends would nod in agreement if someone said I was passionate about music. […]

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All I Want for New Year’s Is Your Input for My Blog :)

As I look back over 2011, I think about how much the blog has changed — content, design, adding readers, etc. and wondered what I should be doing for 2012. came up with an idea. I don’t have to be the one who thinks up the ways to improve it — I’ll crowd source ideas […]

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camping as families in the 1970s

Remembering Rockabilly Legend (& My “Uncle”) Malcolm Yelvington

There are those people in our lives that we come across and for whatever reason, there is an immediate and lasting connection. I grew up with an “Uncle Mac” (previously mentioned in my Flat Stanley series).  Our families went to church together, took summer vacations camping together and he bowled in the same league as […]

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