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airline pretzels & a water bottle

Mindfulness in Food May Be What We Need

I can remember friends saying they were carb-loading for a big race. They wanted that energy that can sustain you for a long run or whatever. Pasta, cereal, etc were the way to go. Compare that to the foods we were generally eating at the time. Breakfast was cereal at times, eggs and bacon others, […]

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Cotton Found on the Ranch! -- Friend's Photos

Cotton Found on the Ranch! — Friend’s Photos

I love getting photos from friends when they see something cottony and think of me! Not only do I love the fact they think of me when they see cotton, I almost always get to talk more about the fluffy white gold! The latest photos come from my friend the ranch hand Ryan Goodman (Twitter, […]

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Lunch 'n' Learn of Another Kind

Lunch ‘n’ Learn of Another Kind

In the last several months, several campaigns have started to raise awareness about what is served as part of a school lunch.  I’m sure you’ve seen one if not several of them.  My brother Ray recently sent me a not about another one suggesting it as a blog topic… took me a couple of days […]

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