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photo with showed faces & edited with spotlight

How to Edit Mobile Photos Quickly & Without Expensive Software

As you know, I have been doing the 365 project. And although I stopped posting the photos here without any fanfare, I have done really well capturing every day this year but one with a photo that is representative of the day (the one day I missed featured a whoops). Here’s a collection of thumbnails […]

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Bethany Hills Camp, Kingston Springs, TN

Bethany Hills Camp — One of My Happy Places

Last week’s 365 project post included a photo that drew a decent amount of attention. I thought because I had edited the photo a good amount, it may be good for me to share the original and the edited version as my mostly wordless Wednesday Here’s the view I saw. It was close to noon. […]

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Me on the Milan Duomo rooftop

Remembering a Visit to Milan’s Duomo

A couple of years ago, friends and I toured Italy together. Our trip ended in Milan and I was reminded of the spectacular duomo (cathedral) there yesterday. I thought the view of it, especially some of the ones taken on the roof may leave you wordless.        

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mid-season cotton on the farm

Cotton 101: What does a cotton plant or field look like?

Although most people think of cotton in it’s final mature state, it’s important to remember that cotton has to grow from seed throughout the season to get to that point. And it’s amazing how often I’ve had folks ask me about something they’ve seen in a field as they were driving by, like this recent […]

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sunset from flight

Sunset Above the Clouds for Wordless Wednesday

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Georgia cotton field

Thanksgiving Trip for Jody Termine Means a Friend’s Photo for Me :)

Over the 2010 Thanksgiving holidays, Jodi Termine got a chance to take a break from Kansas and get closer to home. Along the way, Jody (aka jtgirl on Twitter) was heading south on highway 39 in Georgia. As she neared Lucille, she snapped a photo and sent it my way. Thanks Jody!    

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Lots to Get Moved, so Pulling Long Nights - Wordless Wednesday

Lots to Get Moved, so Pulling Long Nights – Wordless Wednesday

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cotton boll

Starting a Cotton 101 Series on the Blog

Beginning of the series on cotton to talk about the parts of the plant, how it’s used, etc. Some of the things that make it so freakin awesome.

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