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Brian Scott of Scott Farms

Stauffer Dairy, Scott Farms & SlowMoneyFarm Show Range of Farms (Farm A to Z)

Love it when I get to these letters where I have several awesome farms to celebrate on the given day! That’s the case with the letter S in the farm a to z so I won’t waste time getting started! Stauffer Dairy Brandon & Krista Stauffer run Stauffer Dairy in Eastern Washington. Milk from the Stauffer’s farm […]

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What Does Popcorn Look Like as it Pops?

In my current state of heightened popcorn awareness thanks to Ryan Weeks, when I stumbled on this video, I was amazed. So amazed that I felt I absolutely HAD TO share it! It’s a great look at how the kernels heat up in oil and explode. It’s one of the many YouTube videos from The […]

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Ryan Weeks & family Nebraska farm

Popcorn is the Favorite Movie or TV Night Snack

I have to admit to assuming popcorn would win the recent poll on favorite movie snack. I love popcorn. While the snack poll included salty and sweet snacks, you can get both with popcorn! Salted with butter, kettle, cheesy, caramel, etc – however it comes YUM! And I really love knowing a bit about the […]

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Movie night snack food

Favorite Snack Food for Movie or TV Night

In my family, movies play a pretty big part of our holiday season. I am overdue for a few movies and am looking forward to catching up on them over the upcoming Christmas break. With that in mind, I wanted to do a quick poll on your movie nights. Then it became two quick polls. […]

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