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chicken tortilla soup recipe

An Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe for Instant Pot

Chicken tortilla soup is something I find myself ordering time and time again in restaurants. I love it. The flavors and textures come together and I smile from ear to ear. finally I decided to try to make some, but as usual, I didn’t use a recipe. I bought chicken breasts without a plan or […]

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blackberry cobbler recipe

Quick & Easy Blackberry Cobbler Recipe (How-To Video)

I drove back from Memphis the other day and had to stop at a berry farm…. was so excited that blackberries are coming in. I bought a bunch of them…. a couple of quarts thinking it was high time for blackberry cobbler and it really was! I had to get my grandmom’s blackberry cobbler recipe […]

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crock pot red beans & rice

Snow Day Recipes — Crock Pot Red Beans & Rice, Snow Cream

I don’t do recipes on the blog much — there have been very few here! But today, with the weather, I decided to go for it even though I just published another post about Winter Storm Ion around lunch time. Why the change of heart? I trace it back to red beans and rice! I […]

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Call Them Chickpeas or Garbanzos, Hummus Starts on The Farm

I love Mediterranean and Indian foods and have eaten lord knows how many chickpeas or garbanzo beans in my adulthood! So when I came across a farmer on Twitter — Gayle Anderson, also known as @IdahoGayle — who grows the precious bean, I had lots of tweets of thanks. Whether it was hummus, falafels, or an Indian […]

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Checking out Kiwis on the Plant & a Kiwi Shrimp Recipe

Checking out Kiwis on the Plant & a Kiwi Shrimp Recipe

This week I came across a yummy looking recipe that uses kiwi — its Shrimp with Kiwi Lime Relish from A Mom Knows Best. Laura points out before starting the recipe that “It’s Fall and germs are lurking around us in abundance.  You’ve heard of vitamin C as an immunity booster, and many experts say the […]

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Michigan cherry muffins

Yummy Michigan Cherry Muffins!

One of the best parts of travel is getting to taste local specialties. That was certainly what I had in mind recently when I found myself hungry for breakfast in Michigan and looking at these! But I had to pause and ask the cashier what she thought of the cherry muffins. She immediately said “They […]

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