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hay stack ready for winter

Bozeman, Montana — Day 5 of My Great American Roadtrip Video

One of the biggest reasons I took my big Labor Day roadtrip this year was I had never been to Montana. As much as I travel, I only have a few US states left to visit and my friend Jude has been pushing me to see her current home state. It seemed like as good […]

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Bozeman Montana brunch

Cateye Cafe Brunch in Bozeman, Montana

As I post this, folks in Bozeman, Montana are likely shivering…. or at least I would be if I were there! But I was in Montana a few days around Labor Day (it was my great american roadtrip!) and had the chance to enjoy some beautiful weather and fantastic food too! Decided that to get […]

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elk in Yellowstone panorama

Day 4 Part 2: Touring Yellowstone National Park (Video)

It’s been a busy week! Need to do better on sharing posts cause I have so many things I want to share from my great American roadtrip. And to think we only got the half of day 4 — me checking out the area before and in Grand Teton National Park, The second half of […]

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self-portrait Grand Teton

Day 4 Part 1: Getting to and Touring Grand Teton National Park (Video)

Funny that it is beginning to seem like one day on my great American roadtrip requires one week in the real world for me to get it written, photos & video put together, etc. Some days were so heavy on photos, that it is a major time commitment. It should be no surprise that would […]

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Wyoming roadtrip

My Great American Roadtrip Day 3 Driving through Wyoming (Video)

I have gotten a bit busy and haven’t kept up with the videos & posts from my great American roadtrip the way I wanted to, but I decided I really wanted to pull from all the cameras, video, etc. And then I get caught up in looking at all of the detail & reliving the […]

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roadtrip day 2

My Great American Roadtrip — Day 2 Nebraska including the State Fair (Video)

I did so many things on my roadtrip and saw so many sights that I have to say it will take me more time to get each day put together for the blog! Today’s post is about my second day of the trip — a day that started in Lincoln, Nebraska on the far eastern […]

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photos from Day 1 of the great American roadtrip

Great American Roadtrip Day 1 — St Louis, MO to Lincoln, NE

As I mentioned in a post earlier this week, I recently went on the great American roadtrip! Day 1 was Friday. I got up reasonably early and got the car packed before I went to work for a half day. Packing for the Roadtrip Packing for a roadtrip is tough. Because you are in a car, […]

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Great American Roadtrip

Thinking About the Great American Roadtrip

Americans have an affinity for the roadtrip. The freedom of the road has such a mystique to it that books, movies and music have all included it as a central theme. But what makes a roadtrip better than normal travel? What takes a roadtrip from normal to the “Great American Roadtrip?” I’ve been weighing that […]

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