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A to Z Agriculture blogging challenge

Lessons Learned Through My Blogging Challenge, an A to Z on Agriculture

I have done a few different blogging and social media challenges in the past couple of years, but have to say the A to Z Challenge may have been the toughest! And even though someone has suggested that I should start again with AA and BB, I’m taking a break from the series — at […]

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C is for Cotton — an A to Z Series about Agriculture

I have to do it. Sure, there were lots of suggestions for C words that are important parts of agriculture and in fact, Kim Parsell gave me a whole list! KentFarms _LA lobbied for cattle (Angus cattle to be clear) and several people echoed that cows would be a perfect choice and others suggested corn. […]

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cotton blogs

Top Cotton Blogs You Should be Following

When I tell people I write a bunch of blog posts about cotton, I frequently get a quizzical look or a blank stare. Then when I explain a bit more, that I have worked with cotton farmers for a long time and I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned. Seems some folks wouldn’t think you could […]

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my heart is on the farm

My Plans for Observing National Ag Day

My passion for agriculture began as I first started meeting farmers and it has grown significantly as I’ve had various roles in agricultural communications. That profession — agricultural communications isn’t something I even knew existed when I went to college. My spot in agriculture is one that I’m betting a lot of people never think […]

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big ag

“Big Ag” Only Seems Faceless VIDEO

When I think about farmers, I have a myriad of farmers faces come to mind these days. It’s a far cry from the world I grew up in. If you look through some of my blog posts you will see lots of those faces. Some that come to mind are Chris who showed me around […]

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farmers tweet & do facebook

Talking about Social Agriculture: Social Media’s Role in Agriculture VIDEO

I meant to pop another post or two up here a week or two ago about the American Farm Bureau Federation’s annual meeting in Nashville. See I got busy writing about the things that were happening there and things I learned. What is Farm Bureau? That & Other Thoughts as I Head to #AFBF13 Drought […]

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November blogging adventure

Inspired to Write a Blog Post a Day this Month — 30 Days of jp? (Day 1)

I have been distracted from blogging recently and need something to get my but into gear. That’s what I was thinking this week when I saw Holly Spangler set a stake in the ground to write a blog post everyday for the month of November. As I was thinking it through, I was nudged as Katie […]

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pause in the conf to take a group photo

Danyelle Little @TheCubicleChick is One of My Social Media Heroes!

It has been a little while since I did a post in my social media hero series, but this weekend I was clearly reminded of one I needed to write up. That’s because Danyelle Little and her Show Me the Blog conference has rocked my world again. Yeah, I know I wrote about the conference […]

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